Department of Communication

Find your story.

The Department of Communication prepares students for a lifetime of storytelling. With academic programs in advertising, broadcast journalism, communication studies, electronic media production, film production, journalism and public relations, we can help you find your story.

Not all learning takes place in a classroom —


Our Mission

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Communication is to provide students with a foundation in communication theory and practice that prepares them with effective communication skills to enhance their academic, personal, professional and spiritual lives.

Vision Statement

The Department of Communication will be a recognized leader in innovative teaching that emphasizes hands-on learning, interdisciplinary collaboration, academic and professional excellence, and Christian ethics.


The Department of Communication will achieve its vision by pursuing four goals:

  1. Curriculum. Provide a dynamic, student-centered curriculum that promotes experiential learning and reflects academic and professional best practices.
  1. Connection. Provide opportunities for students to collaborate with peers, faculty, alumni and other communication professionals around the world to broaden their worldviews and increase their professional networks.
  1. Facilities and Technology. Enhance facilities, upgrade equipment and create new learning spaces to meet the evolving educational needs of students and to prepare them for communication-related professions.
  1. Faculty. Recruit, support and develop faculty who are faithful Christians devoted to effective teaching, student engagement, scholarly and/or creative endeavors, collegiality, service to the university, and overall professionalism.