College of Bible & Ministry

Welcome to Harding University's College of Bible and Ministry. Our mission as a college is to equip students to know, live and share God's Word and to understand, love and serve God's world.  We take that task seriously, regardless of a student's academic major. Staffed by thirty-four full-time faculty and three missionaries-in-residence, the College of Bible and Ministry teaches the Bible and Bible-related courses to all full-time Harding students every semester of their university's attendance. In addition, the College of Bible and Ministry provides specialized instruction for individuals who choose to major in one of our several areas of study.

About the College of Bible & Ministry

This video is intended to introduce parents and prospective students to the mission of our college. It highlights the unique experiences and opportunities available and the transformation that regularly occurs for our students. Since the making of this video in 2010, our college has changed its name from the College of Bible and Religion to the College of Bible and Ministry. If you have any questions or are interested in pursuing a life in ministry, please contact our student recruiter, Kyle Dingus, at

Undergraduate Bible Degrees

The College offers undergraduate Bible degrees leading to a Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Ministry, Bible and Family Ministries, Bible and Missions, and Bible and Preaching.  A student with a major in another college of the University may also earn a second degree in Leadership and Ministry from the College of Bible and Ministry.  Students who are 24-years old and older may pursue the Bachelor of Ministry degree in Bible and Ministry through the Center for Advanced Ministry Training.

Center for Advanced Ministry Training

Harding's Center for Advanced Ministry Training is an accelerated program for qualified students 24 years of age and older.  C.A.M.T. offers fifteen 100% tuition discounts each year to successful applicants who pursue the Bachelor of Ministry degree (B. Min.). For more information, go to

Master of Ministry

The Center for Advanced Ministry Training also offers graduate education with the Master of Ministry degree (M.Min.), a 36-hour, non-thesis program designed to accommodate working and commuting students.  Most of the courses are taught on-line. The program combines academic training with practical ministry experience to equip Christians who desire to serve the church in professional and non-professional capacities.  Learn more at Master of Ministry.

Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy

The College offers a Master of Science (M.S.) in Marriage and Family Therapy. This two-year program of 60 hours of course work and 500 hours of clinical practice meets the standards of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy. In all these programs, faculty bring outstanding academic training and successful ministry experience to their encounters with students both in the classroom and in a variety of extracurricular activities.

Center for World Missions

Harding's Center for World Missions recruits and trains students for long-term and short-term missions through programs such as Global Outreach, the Harding-in-Zambia (HIZ) International Program, and our own Missionary Training Village at Harding University Tahkodah (H.U.T.).  Shawn Daggett is the Director.  Contact him at 501-279-5133 or see for yourself at