Graduate Counseling Program

Welcome to the Professional Counseling graduate program of Harding University. We offer an MS in School Counseling degree as well as an MS/EdS in Clinical Mental Health degree. 

We believe all people, if given the opportunity, can learn! We have a responsibility to educate students from all backgrounds, and, here at Harding, we are particularly proud of the our graduates and the lives that they impact every single day. Our graduate programs are known for graduating leaders who are successful administrators, counselors and human service professionals who have their sights on providing excellent care.

In addition to teaching, faculty also show students a myriad of career opportunities. Many professors work with students, both undergraduate and graduate, in research, presenting findings at conferences, applying for scholarships, and serving the community through outreach programs. In this way, the School’s mission is carried out on a daily basis.

Mission Statements

University Mission Statement: “The integration of Faith, Learning, and Living by the Development of Christian Scholarship, the Promotion of Christian Ethics, the Development of Lasting Relationships, the Promotion of Wellness, and the Promotion of Citizenship within a Global Perspective.”

College of Education Mission Statement:: “The mission of the College of Education is to equip and sustain reflective, lifelong learners who are competent, confident, compassionate and courageous professionals, who, in turn, will inspire and enable those they serve.”

Professional Counseling Mission Statement: “The mission of Harding's Professional Counseling: Clinical and School Program is to prepare counselors to provide caring, compassionate and competent counseling services in a variety of settings to a diverse population.  To that end, students from Arkansas and surrounding states will be provided with a current, practical, and ethical education consistent with Harding's Christian foundations equipping them to be effective counselors capable of facilitating healthy change, growth and development.”

Professional Counseling Program Annual Report 2014-2015

Professional Counseling Program's Annual Report 2013-2014

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Licensing Boards:

Arkansas Board of Examiners in Counseling

Arkansas Board of Education

This resource is intended to assist students, parents and educators in learning the requirements and routes to become licensed and/or certified in the various counseling disciplines.

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