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Welcome to Harding University's Carr College of Nursing. The nursing program, founded in 1975, holds a legacy of preparing quality nurses. Our graduates are in demand. They work not only in Arkansas, but throughout the United States and the world.

Our uniqueness will interest the person who likes a challenging and exciting profession and endless career opportunities. Among these unique features are:

  • Our mission-"Developing Nurses as Christian Servants."
  • A Christian heritage which permeates class and clinical instruction.
  • Close teacher-student relationships and mentoring.
  • A variety of clinical experiences including wellness and health promotion.
  • Admission tracks which meet different learner needs.
  • A Health Missions Program with local as well as international experiences.

For more information, see the contact info listed below. Let us know how we may serve you.

We hope that you will choose the Harding Experience for your nursing preparation.

Our Mission

Developing Nurses as Christian Servants

The Carr College of Nursing's (HCCN) purpose is to provide a quality professional education which leads to an understanding and philosophy of life consistent with Christian ideals.  This involves the following goals:

  • The preparation of graduates who provide nursing care reflective of their faith and Christian service and who value lifelong intellectual growth. 
  • The encouragement of evidence-based critical thinking that acknowledges dependence on God and is built upon a liberal arts foundation.
  • The development of a commitment to Christian values, ethics, intellectual excellence, and undergraduate standards of professional nursing practice.
  • The promotion of supportive personal and professional relationships.
  • The promotion of lifelong health habits that contribute to an improved quality of life physically, spiritually, psychologically, and socially.
  • The emphasis of a servant-leadership lifestyle that prepares graduates who have a respect for diverse cultures and an understanding of world missions.

Faculty Openings

Faculty Openings

All candidates must be active members of the church of Christ and committed to Christian education.

For more information, please contact Dr. Susan Kehl, dean, at, Box 12265, Searcy, AR 72149 or 501-279-4941. 

Clinical Faculty (Part-time):

Seeking part-time clinical nursing faculty in pediatrics, obstetrics, medical/surgical and critical care sub-specialties for the undergraduate nursing program. Clinical groups may be supervised on Tuesday or Thursday days or evenings, or on Saturdays as scheduling will allow. The successful candidates should maintain an active, unencumbered nursing license; be eligible for RN licensing in the state of Arkansas; have a minimum of a graduate degree in nursing; and have nursing practice experience. Responsibilities including teaching and leading undergraduate clinical groups in nursing practice settings, evaluating student preparation and written clinical assignments, and leading pre and post clinical conferences to meet clinical objectives.

Alumni - Let us hear from you!

We would love to hear from our graduates! 

Please complete this form to let us know what you have done after graduation.

Undergraduate Program Outcomes

The Dean and Faculty measure undergraduate program outcomes in order to foster continual quality improvement. 

Selected program outcomes related to new graduate achievement include the first time pass rate on the national licensing exam, the program completion rate and the employment rate 6 months after graduation. The findings are presented below: 

Reporting Year 2013201420152016
(1st half)
NCLEX Pass Rate 91.67%95.35%97.83%100%
BSN Completion Rate 86.79%68.97%73.91%88.57%

BSN Job Rate at 6 months


Other program outcomes are related to student learning.  These student learning outcomes are measured in class and clinical activities. In the undergraduate program, student learning outcomes are summarized below:

Curriculum StrandCompetencies/Outcomes
Nursing ProcessUse the nursing process effectively while intervening therapeutically with patients in various health states and developmental levels to restore, maintain, and promote health, and prevent illness.
ResearchApply research findings in the provision of nursing care of enhance the quailty of care. 
Critical ThinkingDemonstrate use of the critical thinking process in making clinical judgements and decisions relevant to nursing problems in a variety of settings. 
CommunicationCommunicat and collaborate effectively with patients, peers, and health team members to esnure quality patient nursing care, and to foster supportive personal and professional growth. 
LeadershipFunction appropriately in leader and follwer roles when providing safe, organized, and holistic nursing care, being a change agent, and serving as patient advocates. 
Teaching/LearningUse principles of teaching/learning to provide patients in various health staes with the knowledge and skills necessry for healthy living: physically, spiritually, psychologically, and socially. 
Christian PrinciplesDemonstrate commitment to Christian principles and professional ethics and standards of practice and is accountable for own nursing practice and professional growth. 
Global PerspectiveIncorporate within a global perspective, cultural knowledge, a servant-leadership style, and principles of resource conservation and stewardship in the provision of nursing care. 


A summary report of all program outcomes including student learning outcomes can be obtained by contacting Dr. Susan Kehl, Dean of Nursing at

Lessons for a Lifetime

  • In all aspects, they are developing nurses as Christian servants, and I really love it.

    Kayla Rogers,
    College of Nursing

    Kayla's Story
  • The teachers are good about meeting with students and having open office doors to come and talk to them,

    Wesley Bland,
    College of Nursing

    Wesley's Story

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