How to Apply

We're so excited you're applying to Harding! We recommend completing and submitting your application as soon as possible. We encourage freshman to apply junior year, but applications will still be accepted during your senior year.

Application Checklist

  1. FORM: Fill out the application form, which can be faxed (501-279-4129) or submitted online.

    Apply Online

    Download the Application pdf (US Citizens)

    Download the Application pdf (International)

  2. HOUSING: A nonrefundable $50 fee and a refundable* $130 housing deposit if you plan to live on campus. When applying online, you should pay online. If faxing your application, please pay over the phone at 800-477-4407. If you plan to live in campus housing, please make sure you complete the housing preference form in the Apply Here link or download the PDF files. These funds may be paid with one check to Harding University.

  3. REFERENCES: Two reference forms: an academic reference from a principal, counselor or teacher; and a character reference from a minister, church leader or a long-time family friend. Forms are located below. Give the reference forms to two people you know well for the academic and character references. Ask them to complete the form and mail it to the Office of Admissions Services.

  4. TRANSCRIPTS: Take the transcript request form to your guidance counselor or registrar and have them send an official transcript to us.
    • High school students need to have an official transcript for acceptance for admission. You will also need to make arrangements for a final transcript to be sent after your graduation.
    • Transfer students who are transferring 14 or more hours to Harding must send an official transcript of all college work completed. If you are transferring, and have 14 hours or more, we will not need a copy of your high school transcript or an academic reference.

  5. ACT OR SAT SCORES. You will need to take the ACT or SAT. An official copy of your scores must be sent to our office before you can be granted acceptance. Scores notated on your transcript cannot be considered official. These scores must be sent directly from ACT or SAT. Transfer students who are transferring 14 or more hours are not required to send us a copy of test scores. Harding’s ACT code is 0124; our SAT code is 6267.

*Refundable if cancelled by May 1 for the fall semester, Oct. 1 for spring semester, or April 1 for summer sessions.

Commuting students will not need to pay the $130 housing deposit. Married students who wish to live in Harding married student housing must also pay a $130 housing deposit (Total of $180).

 Graduate Students

While the Office of Undergraduate Admissions only works with undergraduate students, we are excited about your interest in Harding's graduate programs. To learn more about our graduate programs, please visit our graduate and professional programs page. If you have any questions, please contact us.

International Students

Harding University has much to offer international students, serving as a collegiate melting pot of cultures. Please visit our international students page. If we can help you in your decision in any way, please feel free to contact us.

Student Intranet Access

Student Intranet Access

Students who have already been accepted to the University will receive access to the intranet used for current students located at We recommend bookmarking this address in your browser for future use in registering for classes, selecting a meal plan and completing other tasks.

Contact Us

Mailing address:
Harding University
Admissions Services
Box 12255
Searcy, AR 72149-5615