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Welcome to Academic Resources

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) targets historically difficult freshmen and sophomore level courses through weekly study sessions led by students (SI Leaders) who have successfully completed the course. SI helps students know what to learn for the targeted class and helps equip them with how to learn it. Study sessions integrate various learning styles and techniques. SI participants compare notes, discuss important concepts, develop strategies for studying the subject and prepare for exams and major assignments. 


Harding provides well-trained academic tutors who live out the Harding mission and are available to tutor a vast array of courses. Tutoring helps equip students with the skills and resources necessary to be successful academically, professionally, and personally. Tutors encourage active learning and facilitate learning so the student can be a competent, confident and independent learner. Academic tutoring hopes to better the learning community at Harding by partnering with faculty, staff and students to help better understand, develop and improve academic support services for all students.


"Harding Hacks for the Academics" offer students the opportunity to gain a variety of skills that enhance their capacity for learning. Various topics and presentation are aimed at fostering academic, personal and professional success.

A variety of seminars that present and discuss timeless and contemporary issues and ideas will also be available during throughout the academic year.

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Academic Coaching/Counseling

Academic coaching/counseling is available to all students at Harding. Students can meet with an Academic Counselor to help assess their own learning style and discuss learning strategies to making studying as effective and efficient as possible. Academic coaching can help students develop and integrate time management and other organizational skills. When appropriate, academic advising may also be provided. Academic counselors also educate students about additional resources available to them on Harding’s campus.

For information about Academic Resources, please contact Academic Advising at advising@harding.edu or call


Academic Resources



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Mon.-Fri. 8am-5pm

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Friday: 8am-5pm

Center for Student Success
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