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Aligning Daily Instruction with the PARCC Assessment

Please note: All files on this page are in PDF format.

Unit and Lesson Creators

PARCC Glossary

ELA Combined Evidence Tables


Unit: Forced Relocation of Groups in America: Integrating/Evaluating Multiple Sources Presented in Diverse Formats
Lesson: Native American Removal (Early 1800s)
Creator: Bryce Bennett

Unit Plan

Lesson Overview

Daily Breakdown





Unit: Mental Illness
Lesson: What is Hamlet's Mental Disorder?
Creator: Casey Harris

Unit Plan

Lesson Overview

Daily Breakdown

Hamlet Mental Illness Chart


Unit: From Text to Film: Comparing the Experience of Reading a Text to Viewing an Audio or Video Version
Lesson: Comparing and Contrasting the Text and Film Versions of "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe"
Creator: Bethany Philpot

Unit Plan

Lesson Overview

Daily Breakdown

Visualization - Making Mind Movies

Visualizing with the 5 Senses

Venn Diagram

Focused Reading Viewing Guide

Thinking Critically About the Movie Adaptation of a Book

Book v. Film Comparison Essay Instructions

Book v. Film Comparison Essay Rubric


Unit: Molecules That Matter: Structure and Properties of Matter
Identifying and Evaluating an Argument: Global Warming and Methane
Sarah Vann

Unit Plan

Lesson Overview

Daily Breakdown

Collaborative Group Rubric

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