Women in God's Service



February 19-20, 2016


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  1. Non-Student Registration: TBA
  2. Student Registration (no credit): TBA
  3. Student Registration (for credit): Harding students taking WINGS for credit (BRES 363) must add the WINGS course to their Spring schedule in the Registrar's office, and will be charged tuition for one credit hour. There is no additional registration costs. The course syllabus can be found by clicking on the BRES 363 Syllabus link. Note: both non-student and student registration includes full access to all programs, all handouts, and food events.

Additional Information

  • Attendees will be issued badges. This badge will be your pass for food events as well. Gluten free options will be available.
  • Interpretation for the deaf may be provided only if requested by January 19th.
  • Paula Vines is registering by phone at 501-279-4347 or by email at wings@harding.edu. If you choose this method of registration, you may pay when you arrive, just as before.
  • The Heritage Inn is very convenient and their number is 501-279-4700 or 1-888-766-2465 to get information and make arrangements for staying on campus.

BRES 363

“The Sacred Journey”

WINGS 2016


INSTRUCTOR:Nancy Tackett

CONTACT INFO:  ntackett@harding.edu; ADMIN 102; 501-279-5421


WHEN:            February 19-20, 2016


WHERE:           This seminar will take place in the Heritage Center, Harding University


WHO:              Any female who is already enrolled at Harding University, or any other female who qualifies as a special student, is eligible to take the seminar for credit.  It is important to remember, however, that each student is responsible for verifying with her advisor that the one-hour seminar satisfies the requirements for her degree plan.  It is also important to remember that a ministry seminar does not meet the liberal arts requirements for graduation.   


HOW:              To receive credit for this seminar, the student must enroll for the course before attending the seminar.  This means that the student must include the seminar on her schedule at the time of enrollment or officially add the course to her schedule prior to attending the seminar.  Tuition for this one-hour seminar will cost the same amount as Harding University’s usual tuition.  The course fee includes all meals and materials.



1. Enroll before attending the seminar with the registrar


2. Physical presence at all sessions of the seminar. Check in at registration. 30%


3. Submit the following materials

  • - Your own typed notes of each session. 10%


  • - A two-three page double spaced reflection paper that explains how the sessions you have attended can be used to improve your life and the lives of those around you. Pay careful attention to spelling, grammar, style and form. Due Date TBA. 10%
  • - Read Renovation of the Heart –by Dallas Willard and write a two-three page critical review of the book. Due date TBA. 20%
  • - Read Ten Questions to Diagnose Your Spiritual Health by Donald Whitney and write a reflective paper on at least two of the questions, incorporating spiritual disciplines into the response. Due date TBA. 30%



Academic Integrity

Honesty and integrity are characteristics that should describe each one of us as servants of Jesus Christ. As your instructor, I pledge that I will strive for honesty and integrity in how I handle the content of this course and in how I interact with each of you. I ask that you join me in pledging to do the same.


Academic dishonesty will result in penalties up to and including dismissal from the class with a failing grade and will be reported to the Associate Provost. All instances of dishonesty will be handled according to the procedures delineated in the Harding University catalog.


Portions of the above wording are used with permission of the Provost Office at Georgetown University


Assessment: Harding University, since its charter in 1924, has been strongly committed to providing the best resources and environment for the teaching--‐learning process. The board, administration, faculty, and staff are wholeheartedly committed to full compliance with all criteria of the Higher Learning Commission. The university values continuous, rigorous assessment at every level for its potential to improve student learning and achievement and for its centrality in fulfilling the stated mission of Harding. Thus, a comprehensive assessment program has been developed that includes both the Academic units and the Administrative and Educational Support (AES) units. Specifically, all academic units will be assessed in reference to the following Expanded Statement of Institutional Purpose: The University provides programs that enable students to acquire essential knowledge, skills, and dispositions in their academic disciplines for successful careers, advanced studies, and servant leadership.


Students with Disabilities: It is the policy for Harding University to accommodate students with

disabilities, pursuant to federal and state law. Therefore, any student with a documented disability

condition (e.g. physical, learning, or psychological) who needs to arrange reasonable accommodations

must contact the instructor and the Disabilities Office at the beginning of each semester. (If the

diagnosis of the disability occurs during the academic year, the student must self--‐identify with the

Disabilities Office as soon as possible in order to get academic accommodations in place for the

remainder of the semester.) The Disabilities Office is located in Room 219 in the Student Center,

telephone, (501) 279-4019.


Credit Hour Calculator Statement

For every course credit hour, the typical student should expect to spend at least forty-five clock hours of concentrated attention on course-related work, including but not limited to time attending class, as well as out-of-class time spent reading, reviewing, organizing notes, preparing for upcoming quizzes/exams, problem solving, developing and completing projects, and other activities that enhance learning.  Thus, for a three-hour course, a typical student should expect to spend at least one hundred thirty-five hours dedicated to the course.

Legacy Awards

Legacy Nomination Form pdf

Legacy of Women in God’s Service Award recipients display a love and understanding of their faith; articulate a commitment, not just to performing acts of service, but to living a service-focused life; and demonstrate awareness that their gifts are blessings from God.

The Women in God’s Service planners seek nominations for the annual Legacy of Women in God’s Service Christian Service Awards. Legacy Awards will be presented annually at the WINGS Conference. Nominations for Legacy of Women in God’s Service Awards can be submitted by anyone. The nominations can be for an individual or a team. A team is a group of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose. The members of the team should be identified in the nomination.

Awards will be given to individuals who reflect the mission and spirit of the church through their contributions in such areas as faith-related service, community service, youth mentoring and activity in community organizations.

Nominations must be received by February 10. For more information and a nomination form, download the PDF form above or call 501-279-4347.

The awards will be presented at the WINGS Conference on the last weekend of February each year at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas.

History of the Legacy of Women in God’s Service Awards

In 2012, the Legacy of Women in God’s Service recognition was established in order to honor Christian women who demonstrate exemplary Christ-centered behavior, as evidenced through their volunteer service to church, school, and community. Christian service is defined as acts which stem from a Christ-centered belief in serving the Lord and doing His will. Service is the selfless giving of oneself to benefit others with no expectation of recognition, reward, or acknowledgement.

The WINGS Legacy Committee (comprised of four members) will make a selection of the recipients based on the criteria listed below.


  • Award recipients are required to be faithful members of the Church of Christ.
  • Award recipient must be a worthy example of Christian living for other women.
  • Award recipient must have a life story that is encouraging to others.
  • Award recipient must exemplify Christ-centered behavior through volunteer service to church, school, and community;
  • Award recipient must be 60 or above.
  • Award recipient, or representative of the recipient, must be present to receive the award.
  • WINGS does not present awards posthumously, except in the case that the recipient's death occurs after the Legacy Award Selection Committee approves the nomination.
  • An individual may not receive more than one Legacy award.
  • The WINGS committee allows joint recipients of Legacy awards when the nomination is for joint work extended over a long period.

Legacy Award Nomination Requirements

Anyone may nominate an individual for the Legacy Award. Nominations should be made without the candidate's knowledge and must include the items listed below.

  • Completed Legacy of Women in God’s Service nomination form.
  • Brief citation stating the accomplishments that make the nominee deserving of this particular award.
  • A one-page narrative description of the significant aspects of the nominee's Christian service.
  • Four letters of reference. As of 2013, four letters are required (i.e. 4 is both the minimum and the maximum). Diversity of support is preferred; not all letters of recommendation should come from nominee's home church. The nominator may not serve as a reference.
  • Only a complete nomination will be considered by the Legacy award committee.

Nominations should be specific about the achievements for which the award is proposed. Clear, concise information about the accomplishments of the nominee is more useful than extensive materials. Excessive documentation will not be distributed to the selection committee. Only complete nominations will be considered. Incomplete nominations will be returned or held for consideration when complete.


Any nominee not chosen for the Legacy Award is automatically considered for the award the next two years by the next two consecutive committees that consider candidates. (A minimum of four nominations for the nominee must be considered before a committee can select an award recipient). Nominators are encouraged to update or augment the nomination materials, if appropriate, prior to the next year's deadline. After consideration by three selection committees, the nomination is retired.

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