Harding University

October 10, 2013

Dr. Linda Thompson selected for academic journal editorial board

Director of the McNair Scholars Program Linda Thompson was selected in September to be on the editorial board of the “Journal of Developmental Education,” printed and published from the National Center for Developmental Education in Booth, N.C.

The “Journal of Developmental Education” is published as a forum for educators concerned with the practice, theory, research and news of the postsecondary developmental and remedial community. The main duty of an editorial board member is to review manuscripts for the journal and return them in a timely fashion. Other duties include completing review sheets, practicing author solicitation, conducting interviews, and attending an annual board meeting.

“I think I will benefit as much, if not more, from my service to the journal as the journal will,” Thompson said. “I expect the experience to help me hone my editing skills, as well as to learn from the studies of the manuscripts I review. I also hope to be able to give new writers and researchers help in preparing publishable manuscripts.”

In addition to being the director of the McNair Scholars Program Thompson is a professor of psychology at Harding. She has worked at Harding since 1986, which was when she initiated the University’s developmental education program.

“This is the premier journal in the field of developmental education, and I’m very honored to have been selected to be on the editorial board,” Thompson said. “It will take a fair amount of my time, but it’s also a way to give back to this field that I’ve been in for more than 30 years.”