Harding University

January 21, 2014

Chorus featured after spontaneous zoo performance

When guests at the Cincinnati Zoo arrived Jan. 9 for a visit to see giraffes, bears and alligators, they had no idea they also would get to see a spur-of-the-moment choral performance. 

Members of the Harding University Chorus, under the direction of Dr. Cliff Ganus III, made a stop at the zoo while on their annual winter tour. In addition to two performances in Ohio, some of the group also performed in the zoo's reptile house. 

After a few chorus members noticed the impressive acoustics in the facility, a mass text message went out to the rest of group asking them to meet in the reptile house at 1:30 that afternoon. This is what followed. 

The group sang three or four songs before closing with “Down in the River to Pray,” according to Ganus. Since the performance, Ganus has received a number of positive comments and feedback, including an email from an employee of 27 years at the zoo.