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We are an all-inclusive center where students may access extensive support and advising services.

We provide a professional team who contribute resources and guidance to students as they pursue their academic, social and spiritual goals.

We also strive to create a partnership among student services staff and faculty to foster a culture of learning and shared expertise.



HU Hacks for the Academics are learning enhancement seminars provided by Academic Resources. These events are always free and all students are welcome to attend. 

Learn tips, tricks and how to implement helpful study habits and "hacks" to make the most out of your semester.

Check back here or visit Academic Resources for upcoming event times and dates. 


Study SessionDid you know? 

Group study sessions are offered for specific classes that have proven to be more difficult.

These Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions meet weekly and are led by students who have successfully completed the course. 

More about Supplemental Instruction.

Meet the 2014 SI Leaders


 Gunnar Klemmer

 Senior, Chemistry Major

 Leading: CHEM 121 – Dr. Schramm

 Go-to study hacks: 

 Taking lots of notes or studying with another  person. 

 Life outside of class:

 Canoeing, backpacking, relaxing with friends,  decompressing with a game.




Mary O'Briant Mary O'Briant

 Senior, Public Administration Major

 Leading: POLS 205 – Mrs. Klein

 Go-to study hacks: 

 Going to the library, finding a quiet place. 

 Life outside of class:

 Cooking and reading mysteries. 



Tyler Sommer Tyler Sommers

 Senior, Public Administration Major

 Leading: POLS 202 – Dr. Breezeel

 Go-to study hacks: 

 Going to the library, listening to music. 

 Life outside of class:

 Playing guitar, being involved around campus and biking. 



Claire Summers Claire Summers

 Senior, History Major

 Leading: HIST 111 – Dr. Harris

 Go-to study hacks: 

 Using flashcards. 

 Life outside of class:

 Reading, watching movies with friends. 


 Alex SamuelAlex Samuel 

 SI Observer

 Graduate Student

 Pursuing Professional Counseling

 Go-to study hacks: 

 Listening to music while studying. 

 Life outside of class:

 Alex is married, enjoys playing tennis, listening to vinyl records, spending time with his friends, and playing with his dog, Atlas. 

Julia Lapo Julia Lapo

 Senior, Exercise Science Major

 Leading: CHEM 121 – Dr. Province

 Go-to study hacks: 

 Using notecards and repetition. 

 Life outside of class:

 Sports, hiking, camping, running, fishing, reading.



Evan Leman Evan Laman

 Junior, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 

 Leading: CHEM 121 – Dr. White

 Go-to study hacks: 

 Going to Midnight Oil to study with friends, printing notes in color and writing in colored sharpie pens. 

 Life outside of class: Working as a CNA at White County Hospital, backpacking overseas, surfing, scuba diving, spending free time in downtown Little Rock. 





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