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Charley's Aunt Cast List

I want to thank everyone who auditioned for making this an incredibly difficult decision.  I look forward to working with all of you! I said it in the Auditions, but the talent pool for auditions was VERY deep.  KEEP AUDITIONING if your name is not on the list.  We WANT to work with you!

Jack Chesney - Patrick Jones

Charley Wykeham - Thomas Williams

Lord Fancourt Babberly - Caleb Pieterse

Brassett: - Benjamin Rorabaugh

Sir Stephen Spettigue - David Goble

Col. Francis Chesney - Wesley Aspee

Amy Spettigue - Julianne Bigham

Kitty Verdun - Sydney Mann

Ela Delahay - Abigail Seagle

Donna Lucia D’Alvadorez - Kristianna Lynxwiler

Please email Mr Lynn @ blynn1@harding.edu to accept/confirm your role.

Thanks again for your willingness to audition!  I am REALLY excited about this show! BL

"Shrek, the Musical"

Cast List (returning cast, note some changes in assignments)

FIRST CAST MEETING: 7:00pm Tue, Aug. 18 Benson

Come dressed to move, we will be rehearsing!

Jon Andrew - Donkey

McKenna Carr - Duloc Dancer /Tapper/Happy People/Lady

Jordan Doyle - Fairy Tale Creature

Jessica Duren - Duloc Dancer /Happy People/Lady

Kristen Flesner - Duloc Dancer /Tapper/Happy People/Lady

Connor Gann - Captain of the Guard /Dragon Puppeteer

Alden Harrell - 3 Little Pig/Knight Quartet

Ellen Harris - Fairy Tale Creature

Lois Hegarty - 3 Blind Mice/Duloc Crowd/Happy People

Jesse Hixson - Lord Farquaad

Joshua Johnson - Guard/Dragon Puppeteer/Lord

Janet Jones - Wicked Witch

Adam Leasure - Guard/Happy People/ Dragon Puppeteer/Lord

Alli Lee - Duloc Dancer /Happy People/Lady

Jenna Light - Gingy/Sugar Plum Fairy/Tapper

Grant Malone - Fairy Tale Creature

Lindsey McPherson - Duloc Dancer /Tapper/Happy People/Lady

Marci Master - Duloc Dancer/Happy People/Lady

Renee Maynard - 3 Blind Mice/Tapper/Duloc Crowd/Happy People

James Morgan - Shrek

Duncan Michael - Guard/Happy People/Lord

Erin McBride - Mama Bear/Duloc Crowd

Caroline Nelson - Duloc Dancer/Tapper/Happy People/Lady

Jacob Norwood - Papa Bear/Dragon Puppeteer/Lord

Morgan Phipps - Duloc Dancer /Tapper/Happy People/Lady

Taylor Provencher - Big Bad Wolf/Dragon Puppeteer

Hannah Reimert - Duloc Dancer/Happy People/Fiona Double/Lady

Hannah Robison - Queen Lillian/3 Blind Mice/Duloc Crowd

Josh Robinson - King Harold/Guard/Duloc Crowd/Dragon Puppeteer/Lord

Tayler Robinson - Dragon/Mama Ogre

Katie Satterfield - Peter Pan/Tapper

Daniel Shaffer - Fairy Tale Creature/Greeter

Tyler Skinner- 3 Little Pig/Knight Quartet

Dillon Sloan - Knight Quartet/Guard/Lord

Katherine Stinnett - Fairy Tale Creature

Dustyn Stokes - Fiona

Kelsey Sumrall - Fairy Godmother

Penny Turpin- Ugly Duckling

Brandtly Wheeler - Thelonius/Happy people/Guard/Dragon Puppeteer

Thomas Williams - Pinocchio

Raegan Winsett - Tapper/Happy People/Lady

Hannah Wright - Duloc Dancer/Tapper/Happy People/Lady

Aaron Young - 3 Little Pig/Knight Quartet

Sarah Harris - Stage Manager

Courtney Meason - Assistant Stage Manager

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