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Who Can Attend?

Career Fairs are opportunities for Harding students and alumni who are seeking internships or full-time positions to visit with organizations that are on campus to recruit. Whether exploring the world of work and learning about employment opportunities, to finding internships, the fairs benefit all participants. Even if you're not ready to begin your career these are excellent opportunities to begin networking and interviewing.

What To Wear?

A first impression is a lasting impression! Dress for success. If you have a suit, wear it. Suit wearers look good, and employers will take you seriously if you take this opportunity seriously. If a business suit is not part of your wardrobe yet, look the best you can. The fair is the first step in the job search and interview process.

Take a look at our suggestions on what to wear for men (pdf) and women (pdf).

What Do I Bring?

RESUMES!!!! Not only will you need to make a good personal impression, but you will need to leave with the employer some documentation about your skills and background. A resume is the one item the employer can take back to the office and review. Remember, the employer will talk to many candidates and will need your resume to review and follow up with you.

Need help with your resume?

Resume Resources 

Essential Information Resume Sample (PDF)

Resume Examples

Business (pdf)
Computer (pdf)
General (pdf)
Nursing (pdf)
Preaching (pdf)
Teaching (pdf)
Youth Ministry (pdf)

Reference Sheet (PDF)

Did you know?

We offer free resume reviews - email your resume to, or sign up for an account on Bison Career Search

If you need help come see us! We are located in the Student Center room 239 or call 501-279-4454 to set up an appointment.

We also provide a career management platform brought to you by partnering with OptimalResume. Inside, you’ll find a variety of tools to help you create, present, manage, and share your professional credentials.

Remember, your resume is your "foot in the door" to a prospective job.


How Many Resumes?

There are usually around 40 employers at each of the various career fairs. Some are seeking specific majors and others are open to a variety of majors and skills you will bring to their companies. Don't come up short and run out of resumes. If you would like to know an exact number of attendees for a specific fair, please call us at 501-279-4454 or send an email to

I Don't Have A Resume!

Don't worry. That's what we're here for. Check out our section on resume writing. Guidelines and examples are provided. Once you have created a draft, have your resume reviewed by a Career Services Staff member prior to the career fair by emailing it to

What Happens At The Fair?

These events are busy and hectic. Make an effort to see your "targeted" employers first, and then move on to other companies that interest you. Hundreds of students attend these fairs, so it's best to arrive early and use your time wisely. Some employers will have lines of students waiting to talk to them. If you arrive late, you might miss an opportunity. Be patient, and make the best of the few minutes you will have with each employer. Interviews will not be conducted at the fairs (except for the C-Harmony fair). You will have a few minutes to meet the recruiter, gather information, and share information about yourself. You need to "sell" yourself and your skills to the employer, and then make the best of the short time available.

Do I Need To Research Each Employer?

Though it is probably impossible to research each employer attending the fair, you must research those businesses you are considering. Choose the ones you are most interested in, and learn about what the company does. You don't have to memorize quarterly financial statements, but you need to have a general idea of the company's purpose, what the products and services are, and how you are a match for this company. The more you know, the more seriously you are taken as a candidate for the company.

What Do I Say To The Employer?

Know yourself! Be able to articulate the contributions you can make to an organization. If in doubt about your skills, come visit with us (Student Center 239). We will work with you and help you prepare. Employers want enthusiastic employees, so exude enthusiasm! You only have a few minutes with each employer so be able to say what you need to say in 60 seconds and go from there. Don't just ask "what jobs are available," rather focus on the contributions you can make. Employers want to know "what you can do for them," not, "what you want or what they can do for you." Jobs are not filled because a desk is available; they are filled by those that can add value to that organization. Figure out what your value is. Don't know? Come see us!!

After The Fair

Follow up with the employers you met. Get their names and business cards. Send a note thanking the recruiter for the time you spent talking about their job opportunities. Remind him/her of your conversation, and the things you can do for the company. Follow up and attempt to create opportunities. Don't sit back and wait for the phone to ring or an email to appear. Take initiative! Be assertive! Act. Need help with follow-up? Come see us!!


We can assist you after the fair, and in planning your job exploration or job search strategy. Stop by the Career Center in Student Center 239. We would love to visit with you and discuss your next steps.

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