History & Political Science Department
  • History1

    Part scientist, detective, author and poet; historians search for truth using the records of the past.

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  • History4

    Get involved with student organizations on campus — from pre-law to political science.

  • History2

    Take courses in history, political science, geography, sociology, anthropology, economics and more.

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  • Tenor_times

    Write for Tenor of Our Times — a student publication designed to encourage understanding of the past and present.

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  • History3

    Study the structure and operation of domestic political institutions, voting and other forms of political behavior.

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  • ExperienceTour

    Discover unique learning experiences outside the classroom — like the American Experience Tour.

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Gain access to the human experience and discover the forces that affect our way of living. Take on relevant skills and an enhanced capacity for informed citizenship, critical thinking and awareness.

Whenever you are on campus, please accept our invitation to visit our department which is located in the Ganus Building. We look forward to meeting you and sharing further detailed information about our programs of study and how we can help you attain your educational and career goals.

Our Mission

  • Teach students the concepts concerning the social forces and institutions which affect civilization;
  • Teach the fundamental principles underlying enlightened citizenship and a global perspective;
  • Prepare teachers for elementary and secondary schools;
  • Help students acquire a foundation for graduate study in history, political science, and social science;
  • Provide the preprofessional background and skills for the fields of law, government service, and other professions.

AP/Clep Credit

The Department of History and Political Science grants credit for AP and CLEP examination scores as per the following schedule.  If you need further information on these programs, please contact us.

Advanced Placement Credit

AP CourseAP Examination ScoreHarding CourseCredit Hours
European History3Hist 110 or 1113
Government & Politics3Pols 2053
U.S. History3Hist 101 or 1023
U.S. History4Hist 101 and  1026


CLEP Subject Examinations

Subject ExaminationCut ScoreCollege CourseCredit Earned
American Government65Pols 2053
History of U.S. I59Hist 1013
History of U.S. II59Hist 1023
Western Civilization I57Hist 1103
Western Civilization II57Hist 1113

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