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Dual Credit

Why Not Now?

Getting ready for college is a big deal. There are so many questions and choices.  "What major should I have?"  "What do I want to be when I graduate from college?" "Where are my friends going?"  "What school is the right one for me?"  The answers to each of these questions are different for everyone, and each future college student needs to make the right choice for himself or herself.

While high school students ponder their choices for the future, the Center for Distance Education in Bible and Ministry at Harding University would like to help now.  Harding provides college Bible classes that are relevant to current needs and concerns of juniors and seniors. Classes offered in this program are listed below:

BMIS 280 World Christian (3 credit hours)

PHIL 253 Ethics (3 credit hours)

Each of these courses teaches information and skills needed by Christians who want to make an eternal difference in the world today.

Students who take these classes become actual Harding students.  The credit they earn is transferable credit from a private Christian university, one that is respected for its academic quality and Christian values.  Students who come to Harding for a four-year degree may use their Bible credits toward elective hours in Bible.  Whether students choose Harding for their degree program or another university, hours earned from Harding will advance students toward degree pursuits at most colleges and universities.  In addition, this Harding experience will advance students to be better Christian servants in their future professions.

Why not choose Harding now?  Let us help you prepare for your future.

Ask about the 50% tuition scholarship.

Ask about how to partner with Harding to provide these courses to your school or home school for dual credit.

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Steps for Enrollment

  • Apply to Harding University: Complete the application, which can be faxed to 501-279-4129, mailed to Harding University, Office of Admissions Services, Box 12255, Searcy, AR 72149, or emailed to A nonrefundable $50 fee is required to apply. Pay by phone option: 800-477-4407.     Download the Application pdf
  • Send official ACT/SAT scores to Harding's Admissions office.
  • Send high school transcripts to Harding's Admissions office.
  • Once admitted to Harding, contact DormNET, 501-279-4545 for login information for Canvas (online classroom), Google Apps (Harding email), and Pipeline (student accounts and records). All official Harding correspondence will be sent via the students' Harding email address.
  • Contact the Center for Distance Education in Bible and Ministry to initiate the registration process: 501-279-5290 or

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