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Scholarship Opportunities

  • Certificate in Christian Ministry
    • All students enrolled in and pursuing the online Certificate in Christian Ministry offered by the Center for Distance Education in Bible and Ministry automatically receive a 50% tuition discount.  There is also an opportunity for international students to receive a full 100% scholarship upon acceptance.
  • Certificate in Biblical Studies
    • All students enrolled in and pursuing the online Certificate in Biblical Studies offered by the Center for Distance Education in Bible and Ministry automatically receive a 50% tuition discount.
  • BA in Bible and Ministry (BMAC) (Degree Completion, Online)
    • All students enrolled in and pursuing the online BA in Bible and Ministry degree offered by the Center for Distance Education in Bible and Ministry automatically receive a 50% tuition discount.
  • Ministry Full Tuition Scholarship - Recipients of this scholarship choose one of four different bachelor degrees to complete.  The degree options are as follows:
    • BIBM a bachelors in Bible and Ministry
    • BFAM a bachelors in Bible and Family Ministry
    • BMIS a bachelors in Missions
    • BPRC a bachelors in Preaching

The Ministry Full Tuition Scholarship recipient must...

a) be 24 years or older.

b) study for their degree in Searcy, Arkansas.

c) already be involved in doing some form of ministry.

d) have the funding for living expenses while studying at Harding University.

e) be offered the scholarship after going through the process for consideration.

Process to apply for the Ministry Full Tuition Scholarship

Phase 1: Acceptance to Harding University (being accepted to Harding University does not mean you automatically receive the scholarship but it makes you eligible). 

To complete phase 1, you will complete the Harding University Application and submit the requirements (International Students / U.S.A. Students) and receive the acceptance by Harding University. 

Returning Harding students will apply for re-admission through the office of Student Life at 501-279-4332.

Phase 2: Scholarship Application Application for the scholarship can only be done after phase 1 is completed. In order to complete phase 2 you must complete the online scholarship application form, provide 2 church reference letters, write an essay, and sign a release form that allows us to share your information with our committee.  

Phase 3: Scholarship Interview This phase includes a campus visit for a formal interview. This phase can be completed online for international students.

Phase 4: Decision Scholarship candidates will be notified regarding the decision within 10 days of the formal interview described in phase 3. In some cases, the time for making a decision may be extended.

Mailing address:
Harding University
Center for Distance Education
Box 12280
Searcy, AR 72149-2288

Frequently Asked Questions

(Ministry Full Tuition Scholarship)

Am I able to transfer credits from other universities?

Up to 40 hours of Bible credits may be transferred from other accredited institutions. A transfer student with an associate's or bachelor's degree may not need to take liberal arts courses, subject to approval by the Harding Registrar.

Is Harding University accredited?

Yes. Harding University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Do I have to live in Searcy, AR to be a recipient of the Ministry Full Tuition Scholarship?

This is an in-residence program. Some students may be allowed to commute within reasonable distance, but drive time cuts into study time.

What does the scholarship cover?

The scholarship satisfies tuition costs for up to 128 hours, less the credit hours transferred to your transcript. Courses failed or repeated are not covered by the scholarship--the student is responsible for tuition expense of any repeated course. The scholarship does not cover living expenses.

Can I work and go to school at the same time?

These degrees are intense, accelerated, and rigorous, so we limit students to 10 hours of work per week (not counting service to local churches by preaching or teaching). In rare cases, exceptions are made to this guideline. Therefore, it is imperative that students have secured financial support for living expenses before enrolling.

What academic standards must be maintained?

To remain in full status, a student must maintain a GPA of 2.5 in the Bible courses, and a 2.0 in the liberal arts courses.

What is required to be considered for the Ministry Full Tuition Scholarship?

First, one must apply to and be accepted to Harding University. Then, a formal scholarship application must be submitted, along with two religious references, a written essay, and a signed release form that allows us to share your information with our committee.  Finally, a formal interview will take place, and a decision made.

What if I have little or no college credit?

Preference is given to applicants having at least 30 hours of credit before applying. This demonstrates whether one can manage college-level work, and eliminates the need to take many of the general education (liberal arts) courses. Exceptions occur, and this will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Am I required to go on an international campaign?

No. Although, several international trips may be organized for students as part of a course.

How do I raise funds for living expenses?

Most of our students raise funds from family, friends, and churches who are willing to invest in the student and in the potential the student exhibits for the cause of Christ.

If I’m not awarded the scholarship, can I reapply for the scholarship later?


Why does a scholarship recipient have to be a member of the churches of Christ?

The donors who provide the gifts that enable Harding to offer these full-tuition scholarships do so with the intent that the recipients be faithful and active members of the churches of Christ. We honor the wishes of the donors in this matter.

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