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Applicants will need to. . .

  1. Complete an application form. The application is required for all scholarships awarded through the Harding University College of Bible and Ministry. All spaces must be filled for the application to be considered.

  2. Provide support documentation for all items designated in the application. This should be in the form of data from Harding University Financial Aid, income tax returns, or ACT Financial Family Assessment. (May be a photocopy).

  3. Request three personal references: one business or professional, one church, one academic. Supply each of your references with one of the Scholarship Reference Forms along with a stamped envelope addressed to:

    Harding University
    College of Bible and Ministry
    Scholarship Committee
    915 E Market
    Box 12280
    Searcy, AR 72149-5615

  4. Attach to your completed application form a recent photograph with your name on the back. A clear photocopy from your most recent high school or university yearbook will be adequate. (The photograph will not be returned.)

  5. Send the completed application with all requested supporting documentation to the above address.

  6. Deadline for receipt of all application materials is April 1 in order to be eligible for awards for the fall and spring semesters. Applications received after April 1 will be processed in the order received, but only as funds are available.

  7. Scholarships are open to any full-time (12 hours) major in the College of Bible and Ministry: Bible and Ministry, Bible and Family Ministry, Bible and Missions, Bible and Preaching. If the student changes his/her major or leaves school, the scholarship will be voided the entire semester in which the change occurs.

  8. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of financial need, cumulative grade point average, character, service to others, professional promise, and clarity of personal goals.

  9. These scholarships are awarded to students who intend to devote themselves to church supported ministries. If one does not enter the full-time ministry, he/she is responsible for repayment of the scholarship awarded. Any exceptions are subject to approval by the Scholarship Committee.

  10. It is assumed that scholarship recipients will be supportive of the College of Bible and Ministry. Attendance at Alpha Chi Malachi or Youth Corps, which meet monthly at announced times, as well as attendance at other events under the auspices of the College is expected.

  11. Bible scholarships are NOT automatically renewed each year. Students must reapply each spring for awards for the following academic year.

  12. Scholarship recipients will be notified by June 1.

Contact College of Bible & Ministry at 501-279-4808 for further information.

Bible & Ministry Scholarships Offered:

General Bible Scholarship Application pdf

Yingling Freshman Scholarship Application pdf

Youth & Family Scholarship Application pdf

Leadership & Ministry Scholarships Offered:

L&M Schol App 2015 pg. 1 pdf

L&M Schol App 2015 pg. 2,3 pdf

L&M Schol App 2015 pg. 4,5 pdf

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