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Resume + Cover Letter


Having an excellent resume is a high priority during the job search. For most employers, it is their first impression of you. Watch the videos below to get a god idea of how your resume should be put together. Also look at the sample resume below. Here are some beginning tips for writing a good resume:

  1. Limit your resume to a single page.
  2. Present your contact information clearly below your name.
  3. When presenting previous jobs, present the most recent ones first.
  4. Stick to a 10pt - 12pt font for your body and no more than an 18pt font for your name.
  5. Avoid long paragraphs. Resumes are skimmed within seconds. Your information needs to pop without being wordy.
  6. Avoid jargon unless it involves job requirements for a specific position.
  7. Double check all spelling and grammar.
  8. Double check all facts, including contact information.

Check out this sample resume to get an idea of what a resume looks like.

Cover Letter

A cover letter is often your first chance to tell an employer who you. It should clearly explain why you want the job and what you can do for them. Here are some tips for writing an effective cover letter:

  1. Research the company and the position before you begin writing.
  2. Write a different personalized letter for each position.
  3. Highlight strengths that go well with the job.
  4. Have a structured beginning, middle, and end (no stream of consciousness).
  5. Proofread everything.

Check out this sample cover letter to get an idea of what a cover letter looks like.

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