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    From classroom learning to pharmacy practice experiences, you will be equipped to help those in need.

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    Faculty mentors support your success not only in the pharmacy profession but in your personal and spiritual life as well.

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    Dive into independent, innovative research projects with highly qualified, research-active faculty.

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    Unique local rotation experiences

    Our students benefit from Searcy's small-town charm through local pharmacies.

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    Since our program started in 2008, our students have a 97 percent job placement rate within six months to one year of graduation.


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The Harding College of Pharmacy values relationship, community, and the development of Christian scholarship.




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Our pharmacy program aligns with the mission of the University: To provide a quality education that will lead to an understanding and philosophy of life consistent with Christian ideals.

The College of Pharmacy offers a four-year program of study leading to the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree. The four-year program consists of three years comprised of a combination of didactic instruction and early pharmacy practice experiences, followed by a fourth year comprised entirely of advanced pharmacy practice experiences. There is an emphasis on the integration of faith, learning and living, the development of Christian scholarship, the promotion of Christian ethics, and the promotion of citizenship within a global perspective through participation in mission efforts.

Admission to the College of Pharmacy requires the completion of pre-pharmacy courses as described on the pharmacy admissions page.

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Considering a Career in Pharmacy?

Pharmacists are visible and trusted leaders in the community who play a vital role in our healthcare. When you open the door to Pharmacy, the opportunities and settings are endless! Learn more.

Harding University College of Pharmacy strives to foster a culture of diversity as we enroll students from across the United States and many other countries. We are looking to partner with students who want to continue their professional development in a Christian community with a strong commitment to ethics, accuracy and quality care. Our faculty are genuinely committed to equipping students with the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to make a difference in patients’ lives. In addition to academic preparation, we are looking for students who exemplify our core values of advancement, Christianity, collaboration, trustworthiness, innovation, outreach, nurture and service.

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College of Pharmacy
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