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Complementary Degrees

Pharm.D. and MBA

Pharmacy students who desire to pursue a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree through the Harding University College of Business Administration concurrently with their Pharm.D. degree may choose to take MBA courses to fulfill the elective requirements in the Pharmacy program, provided the preceding criteria are met.  

Pharmacy students will be allowed by the MBA program to substitute three Pharmacy courses in place of two MBA courses:
1. PHA 503 Biostatistics/Literature Evaluation for BUS 652 Quantitative Business Analysis/Research
2. PHA 506 Spiritual and Professional Values and PHA 750 Christian Bioethics for BUS 601 Ethics, Legal and Social Issues in Business

Pharmacy students will take the remainder of the MBA courses outside of the doctor of pharmacy curriculum and may in no semester take more than a total of 21 credit hours at Harding (pharmacy full load varies from 16 to 19 hours per semester in the first three professional years and from 4 to 16 hours per semester in the fourth professional year). A pharmacy student who chooses to pursue these options could concurrently earn up to 15 credit hours of the 36-hour MBA requirement by the time he or she graduates with a Pharm.D. degree.

The Pharm.D. degree is conferred by the College of Pharmacy and the MBA is conferred by the College of Business.

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