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Welcome to the Biology Department in the Pryor-England Center for Science and Engineering. We hope you are considering Harding for your undergraduate studies. Members of our faculty have a variety of specialty training and provide a wide range of courses.

We offer degree programs designed to prepare students for post-graduate work in most biological fields, such as cell and molecular biology, ecology, genetics, and marine biology. Many of our students attend professional programs in medicine, pharmacology, biotechnology, and forensic science, to name a few.

We work to make a supportive student-learning environment and provide excellent teaching in a Christian setting. The Center for Science and Engineering utilizes current technology in labs and classrooms.

Harding is located near the Ozark Mountains, in a region of America steeped in culture, with abundant waterfalls, caverns, and outdoor adventure — a rich environment for the aspiring biologist. We welcome you to visit our campus.

Our Mission

The mission of the biology faculty is to give students a deep appreciation and understanding of the diverse life on earth, instill a sense of their God-given responsibility to be good stewards of that life, and prepare students for challenging careers in the Biological Sciences. In pursuit of this mission, we strive to:

  • Give students a rigorous working knowledge of the database from which current biologists work and an in-depth understanding of the theoretical framework for organizing this knowledge;

  • Train students in the process by which biological data are gathered, analyzed, and interpreted;

  • Encourage critical thinking when evaluating biological data and theories; and

  • Encourage students to develop an internally consistent philosophy of life that integrates science and scripture and recognizes God as the source of all life.

"Who…does not know that the hand of the Lord has done this, in whose hand is the life of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind?” - Job 12:9-10

Recent News

Alumna assists in finding and writing genetic research
In a world where English and science have historically been at odds, alumna Sarah Bay found a way to successfully merge her love for both.


Meet our Staff

Lisa Valentiney

Mrs. Valentine serves as secretary for both Biology and Chemistry Departments. She is always willing to help students with class scheduling, photocopying, FAXes, and details of day to day student life as a science major.

Debra Shelton


Mrs. Debra Shelton, Administrative Assistant to Dean Travis Thompson, is a friendly face for students in need of scheduling help or any other college life crisis that may arise.

Travis Thompson

Travis Thompson
Dean of College of Sciences


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