Harding is a community of mission where higher education and a higher purpose go hand in hand. We provide many hands-on opportunities for you to learn and grow while making meaningful relationships with others. Are you unsure about what you want to study? No problem! Here, you can explore more than 100 academic majors and degree programs to find the area that best fits you and your interests. We also offer accelerated majors to earn your undergraduate degree and master's degree simultaneously, preprofessional programs, graduate programs both on-ground and online, and doctoral programs.

 Preprofessional ProgramCollege
Preagriculture Sciences
Preallied HealthSciences
Preathletic trainingSciences
PrelawArts & Humanities
Prelibrary ScienceArts & Humanities
Preoccupational TherapySciences
Prephysical TherapyAllied Health
Prephysician AssistantSciences
Preveterinary MedicineSciences