Character Reference

To be filled out by a minister, youth director or other church leader.

Based on Harding University's "Code of Conduct", it is important to know if an applicant engages in behavior incompatible with the ideals of a Christian university. The person whose name and address appear on this is an applicant for undergraduate admission. This form is to be completed and when submitted will go directly to the Director of Admissions Services at Harding University. Your response will remain confidential.

Or download a printable version that must be mailed in.

Applicant's Information
Student Name:
Student Address:
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Reference Information
Please choose one on each line:

1. Based on the applicant's strong character, this individual would be an asset to Harding's Christian community.

2. This persons lifestyle will be consistent with Harding University's moral Code of Conduct.

3. To the best of your knowledge, this person is honest and trustworthy.

4. To the best of my knowledge, this person is in good standing with legal authorities.

Please explain any "No" answers to the above questions.

Also, add other comments concerning leadership abilities, personality, special talents, problems, etc. In compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, you are advised to avoid reference to any handicaps an applicant may have.
Please choose one of the following:

Please choose one of the following:

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