Say Thanks Day 2018

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There are numerous opportunities to connect with us and with your fellow alumni throughout the year. Generation HU hosts a number of on-campus events and networking events in your city. Stay informed on all the event dates and details below.

Say Thanks Day

Say Thanks Day 2019

Say Thanks Day is planned to highlight and recognize the powerful impact of generosity. Since 1924, Harding has been blessed by individuals from all over the world who have financially supported this ministry. Their gifts have propelled this institution in amazing ways.
Unfortunately, many students are unaware of the sacrificial investments made in them by complete strangers.  On Say Thanks Day, students see how much has been given to them and say thank you to donors. These investments in the students futures are humbling and inspire many to "pay it forward" after graduation.


Senior Gift Campaign

The Senior Gift Campaign is a fundraising effort to encourage seniors at Harding to be pay it forward before they leave Harding. The Student Philanthropy Council works hand in hand with the Office of University Advancement to create a student-centered giving campaign. Seniors are encouraged to give during their senior year to the class campaign and, by doing so, they are helping fellow students. The campaign enables seniors to leave their legacy on Harding.
Why give to Senior Gift?

It's paying it forward. It's tradition. It's leaving a legacy.

Every dollar raised by the Senior Gift Campaign goes directly to the Student Emergency Fund. Harding has established a new program called the Student Emergency Fund to assist students in emergency situations. Your gift can help pay for a student to get to an immediate family members funeral or aid in handling unexpected emergency medical bills. These are only two examples that the Student Emergency Fund provides, but it is not limited or guaranteed to these options.


Enjoy reuniting with old friends and classmates for reunions, tailgating, the homecoming musical and more. Find numerous opportunities to reconnect to your alma mater for a weekend of spirit and camaraderie. Stay tuned for 2019 Homecoming dates:

Bisons For Christ

Bisons for Christ Nationwide

Generation HU consists of three parts: networking, serving and giving. Our theme for the month of April is SERVING. We want to help you continue to have the heart and mindset of service you learned while at Harding, even after graduation. You were able to participate in Bisons for Christ, a campus-wide day of service, while you were a student here, and we want that kind of action to remain a part of your life. We hope to have young alumni everywhere participating in Bisons for Christ Nationwide.
There are so many different ways to help those in your community and show the light of Christ to those around you. Anything from:

-Raking leaves
-Cleaning up trash
-Organizing something with your church group
-Helping a family move in/out
-Visiting a nursing home
-Donating clothes to Goodwill
-Visit your local children’s hospital
-Consider writing an encouraging note
-Taking someone to lunch

If you would like to participate and lead a group service activity in your area, please email your name and contact information, what you are doing and where you are so we can direct others in your area to join your group.

Specific projects:

Arkansas Children’s Hospital
We encourage you to do something as easy as write a card to a patient at ACH or at your local hospital.

Guidelines for cards:  ACH asks that cards be written gender neutral. They can have seasonal messages such as Happy Holidays, Happy Winter, Happy Valentine’s Day or Happy Spring. ACH asks that the cards not include statements such as “I hope you go home soon,” “I hope you get well soon” or “I will be praying for you.” They can include messages like “I’m thinking about you”or “I hope you have a good day.” Please do not sign the cards for their privacy and safety.

A great way to make this a success is to get a group of your friends, co-workers or a church group to write cards. The more the better! Please send them all together to:

Andi Haney

915 E Market Ave.

Box 12238

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Shelbi Bridges
Generation HU Director
Phone: 501-279-4033