Generation HU


I have heard about the President's Council; is this different? How?

President’s Council and Generation HU are not the same, although they are both run through the Advancement Office. President’s Council members make a pledge to give a minimum of $50 a month, or $600 a year.

Can I designate my gift to be used for the college that I graduated in?

(i.e.: College of Business Administration, College of Nursing, etc.)

You can designate your Harding Fund gift to any college or department that you would like.

What impact does such a small gift have?

Every gift contributes to our task of making a difference. Your gift alone may be small, but, if you, your friends, and their friends give, you have significantly affected the participation rate. Participation is key, and together we can make a difference.

I am still paying off my loans; why would I give to the Harding fund?

Your loans are paying for the products and service (your school). Your gift is paying it forward to show your appreciation for the intangibles that you received from the University. Donations reduce the cost of attending Harding by approximately one third. Through your gift, you allow other students to have the same experience and join thousands of others alumni who have also paid it forward.

How will I benefit from giving?

By giving, you are showing us that you want to be a part of the young alumni program. In addition to being recognized in the Harding alumni magazine, you also get the benefit of knowing you are helping students to receive the Harding experience.

If I am married, do we both need to give separate gifts?

Since this giving program is all about participation, we would love to have husbands and wives both give. You can combine your graduation years and give that total if you would like.

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