As young alumni, you have the opportunity to contribute to the education of future Harding students. Generation HU has designed a participation-based giving plan to give recent graduates a chance to become involved and to make a difference. Using the ideas, suggestions and input from fellow young alums, this program aims to change the culture among recent grads. We want you to know that we need you, that every gift matters, and that staying involved with Harding is essential to its continued success.

Ways to Give

Make an online donation

Call 417-372-5108 or email Andi Haney

Mail in a check to:

Andi Haney
Harding University Advancement
HU Box 12238
Searcy, AR 72149

10 ways to support HU

10 Ways To Support

Generation HU Giving Plan

Make a 3 or 5 year pledge to make an annual donation in the amount of your graduation year ($20.10 for 2010 grads), or more. This may seem like a small amount, but the chart below illustrates that together young alumni can contribute small amounts that ultimately make a big difference.

Giving Back

As an alumnus, you have the opportunity to pass on the Harding experience to current and future students. By sharing your time and experiences and making an easy gift of your graduation year or more, you can support Harding and make a difference.

  • Be a positive voice for Harding in your workplace, church or by returning to campus to speak to students about your experiences after graduation.
  • With the help of donor support, the total cost of attending Harding was reduced by 1/3. Your monetary gifts will provide that same financial help to students. By paying it forward, you can repay the blessings given to you.
  • Your participation builds university prestige, strengthening the value of your Harding degree and making you more marketable to employers and postgraduate schools.

For more information on giving, visit our website.


Currently, approximately 10 percent of all Harding alumni give back. But of the 10,000 young alumni, less than 5 percent support Harding though gifts. With the help of donor support, your college tuition payment was reduced by one-third. By paying it forward with your monetary gifts, you can provide that same financial help to current and future students.

We want you to stay connected to the university after you graduate, and we hope your willingness to support your alma mater continues to grow. We value your participation, so the dollar amount of your donation is not the most important aspect.


Share your time and experiences

Do you remember when you were a student and a guest spoke to your class, your department, or the whole student body? We want that to be you. Giving your time and sharing your experiences is a great way to ensure and advance the educational experience of Harding students. Do you have stories, experiences, advice and information you wish you would have known when you graduated? Students love hearing from experienced professionals who were once sitting in the seats of their own classrooms.

How to get involved?

If you are interested in speaking to students, email GenerationHU. If you have a Harding faculty member with whom you are particularly close, contact that person directly. This way you can work with their class schedule to find a time that suits you both. 

If you visit the Harding campus please feel free to stop by the Advancement Office in Heritage room 213 and ask for Andi Haney.

Student Emergency Fund

Harding has established a new program called the Student Emergency Fund to assist students in emergency situations. Learn more about how you can contribute to this new fund for students in need.

Contact Us

Shelbi Bridges
Generation HU Director
Phone: 501-279-4033