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    Join us for a time of worship, community building and affirming the Harding identity.

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    For strengthening relationships and growing together

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    Continuing a tradition of camaraderie

About Chapel

Worship - This is a daily time when we can refocus on who God is, who we are and why we are on this earth.

Community building - In chapel, we have the ability to create new relationships and strengthen the student body as we worship and fellowship together.

Affirming the Harding identity - Chapel is one of the ways that we demonstrate to both the world and ourselves that faith in God remains at the center of all we do.

Chapel Live

Whether you attend daily chapel as a student or watch it via streaming video, we welcome you to the most special part of our day.

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Chapel Archives
Selected noteworthy chapels are available for you to play on your Mac, PC or mobile device.

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Chapel Times

Chapel services are being held virtually through streaming.harding.edu.

Mon-Fri : 9:45 a.m.

Enrolled students will be notified when chapel seat selection is available, or they may have their seat assigned by the Office of Student Life.

Chapel, Spring 2021

Since 1924, chapel has been a key part of the Harding experience. Members of the Harding community engage with each other through fellowship, shared experiences and meaningful worship to our Creator. The aim has always been that our time in chapel would allow us to grow closer to our Lord and closer as a community. Chapel provides an avenue for all of us to mature in our faith and have exposure to challenging ideas and discussions. It’s part of the tapestry of Harding University.

COVID has made many things in this time challenging and difficult. Chapel has been no exception. While we have maintained a daily virtual chapel, we have longed for the time we would be able to again meet face to face.

For the last few months, a team of people has worked to see how it might be possible for us to meet again in person while honoring all the guidelines provided by both the ADH and the CDC.

Beginning on Monday, February 8 chapel will meet in person utilizing eight smaller sections (MW or TTh, 9:00 or 9:30, Benson or Rhodes), which will accommodate for necessary social distancing with everyone wearing their mask. Students will have a choice of Day, Time and Location.

Attendance this semester will be taken for face-to-face chapel through the use of a new technology app (Spotter), which will mean students will not have an assigned seat but an assigned day and time. Attendance is required, with each student having 6 absences for the Semester. Chapel will last roughly 18 minutes in each session to allow time for the rooms to clear so the next group is able to get in. Friday chapels will be done virtual like they have been to begin the semester.

For the Fall 2021 semester we plan to be back to daily chapel all together.

Chapel Etiquette

  • Be on time.
  • Students who are tardy will need to check with the appropriate chapel checker before walking quietly to their seat.
  • Students who are more than 10 minutes late will be counted absent.
  • Students are allowed 10 unexcused absences per semester, as well as five written excuses for illness. The written excuses must be turned in within seven days of the absence.
  • After these absences, any other absence from chapel must have a Student Life dean's approval or a note from a medical professional.
  • Sitting in someone else's seat is not allowed. Students must sit in their assigned seat or they will be counted absent.
  • No food or drink is permitted in the auditorium.
  • Men should remove caps during chapel.
  • Laptops, cell phones and headphones may not be used during chapel.
  • Appropriate respect for speakers and others is expected.