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    Spring Sing 2023

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    Spring Sing 2022


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    Spring Sing 2021

    Twice Upon a Time

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    Spring Sing 2019

    The Greatest Show!

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    Spring Sing 2018

    Heroes and Villains!

John H. Ryan Sweepstakes Award

Clubs compete during judged performances to determine winners in four individual categories and the John H. Ryan Sweepstakes Award. Based on performance, the prize money is awarded to the charity of their choice, resulting in nearly $7,000 given each year.

Spring Sing 2024: "Golden"

Mark your calendars and join us for Spring Sing 2024, "Golden," March 28-30!

Digital Program

Learn more about Spring Sing from the 2023 digital program. The 2024 program will be available soon.


2024 Schedule 

Thursday, March 28, 2024

9 a.m. — Chapel, Benson Auditorium

1 – 9 p.m. — Harlem Speaks!, Kendall Hall Lobby. A multi-modal exhibit celebrating the Harlem Renaissance brought to you by The 1924 Experience

7 p.m. — Spring Sing 2024: “Golden," Benson Auditorium | Buy Tickets

Friday, March 29, 2024

9 a.m. — Chapel, Benson Auditorium

9:30 - 11 a.m. — Graduate School of Business Coffee Break, Mabee 220. Swing by the Graduate School of Business office for a coffee break, say hi to some of your professors, and meet some of your online classmates, past or present!

1 – 9 p.m. — Harlem Speaks!, Kendall Hall Lobby. A multi-modal exhibit celebrating the Harlem Renaissance brought to you by The 1924 Experience

1-4 p.m. — Harding History House Open, 205 Lott Tucker Drive

4 p.m. — Good News Singers Concert, McInteer Plaza

7 p.m. — Spring Sing 2024: “Golden," Benson Auditorium | Buy Tickets

Saturday, March 30, 2024

9 a.m. – 9 p.m. — Harlem Speaks!, Kendall Hall Lobby. A multi-modal exhibit celebrating the Harlem Renaissance brought to you by The 1924 Experience

10 a.m. — President’s Council meeting, Cone Chapel

10 a.m. —Chorus Concert, Administration Auditorium

10 a.m. - 1 p.m. — Harding History House Open, 205 Lott Tucker Drive

10:45 a.m. — English Department Reception, American Studies 314

11 a.m. - 7 p.m. — Food Truck Court, corner of North Grand Street and East Center Avenue | Seating available on the front lawn

11 a.m. — Pied Pipers, Benson steps

11:30 a.m. — President’s Council Brunch, Founders Room

12 p.m. — Belles & Beaux Concert, Reynolds Recital Hall

12 p.m. — Lady Bison Softball vs. Henderson State, Jerry Moore Field

1 p.m. — Easter egg hunt, Front Lawn. Event for children ages 12 and under. Bring your baskets and cameras. This event provides 10,000 eggs and fun for all ages.

2 p.m. — Spring Sing 2024: “Golden," Benson Auditorium | Buy Tickets

7 p.m. — Spring Sing 2024: “Golden," Benson Auditorium | Buy Tickets

2023 Club Shows

Seven different club shows competed for the John H. Ryan Sweepstakes award and for donations to their chosen charities! For Spring Sing 2023, each club show was given an opportunity to earn points toward the overall score by doing a service project for their chosen charity. Every club participated!

Read each show's parodied lyrics below! The list of 2024 club shows will be available soon!

Mike Williams’ Day Off

Delta Nu & friends performing for the Child Safety Center of White County

“Just a friend”

Have ya ever had a day that ya woke up late
Ya look at the clock It's 55 past 8
It's a beautiful day out, so why would you waste It? You could skip school, play sick, and totally fake it
Create some witnesses, a few gullible freshman
Chest pain, liver ache, a broken appendix
Then you call your friends Jean T and Lisa
You explain the plan and tell 'em where to meet ya
Dude we're just gonna leave
The school and the stress behind
It's good for the heart the soul the mind
It's overdue
In desperate need
To go out and have some, fun
We'll catch y'all when school gets done


Watch out now
Watch out now
Watch out now ow ow
Listen to the warning we are sendin' out
(And if you skip too much)
You don't want the dean to come and find you out (Kick you out and such)
There's nothing behind his eyes
When a baby sees him, they will cry
He'll find you like a hunter If you try to hide


Did you hear
Mike's got some rare disease
Might be terminal
I hope he lives to see
Just how much we still adore him
Please donate to save our friend
In case his life Is near Its end
If Mike shall rise up in the skies
He swore Stevie wonder, both his eyes
Both his eyes
Don't mess around with Jim:
Y'all think mikes a hero
He could never do no wrong
You'd defend his life while all the while He's been playing all of you all along
Getta load of this
Cuz he ain't sick
I bet ya he's goin on a retreat
All while y'all stay here at school
And do his homework In his chapel seat
We'll why don’t we go catch him in the act We'll be just like super spies
We'll sneak around
And call him out
And we're gonna do It in disguise

“Mambo No. Five”

1 2 3 4 5
Everybody touch ya toes
Then put ya hands up high
Reach em to the sky and keep on stretchin' Then move ya hips in every
cardinal direction
C'mon everybody now don’t be shy
We'll throw ya In the middle so don't try to hide You can lock it
And pop it
And even polka dot it
And when you run errands
Yeah you can even shop It
A little bit of walking on the moon
Dancing like a square in the saloon
A little bit of sprinkler In the yard
Flapping like a chicken in the barn
C'mon do the wave, It'll be terrific
Roll It from Atlantic to pacific
Can other people dance good, no they can't But I'll tell ya what yes we can can

“Careless Whisper”

This crime ain't nothing new to me
Two peas per pod, no room for three Promised me fun If I'd stay
But how come I'm forgotten like a lonely stray
Pretty please spare me from the awkwardness I don't know where to look when they kiss Being a third wheel never ends
That's why a bike has two

“Bad Boys”

Cuz I got
Got some news
Soon they'll know the truth
It's not measles mumps or the flu
Mike can't avoid
When we get back to school
We'll show everyone that they've all been footed
Don't make no noise
Silent as you move
Secret paparazzi getting cold hard proof
He'll have no choice
Caught in a candid
Mike can't deny that he's caught red handed

“Billie Jean”

All this fills me with such glee
To raise money
For a kid who's In desperate need
Wait a minute
That's my face
it's my race
My names mike
I’ve got to get outta here
a need to run I need to hide
I need a disguise

“Stacey’s Mom”

We caught you out of class and we got proo-Oo-Oo-oof (May we accuse)
Whtie we weren't at school, where were yo-o-o-ou?
(Not there too)
You see you spent all day tryna capture us
But you skipped too, wasn't it a bunch of fun?
They're not wrong
I kinda Joined along
I haven't had a break in oh so long
I've been so busy
Relaxation misses me
And I know I had fun I'm
Kinda glad that we were gone


My legs are so tired from runnin round
A deep sea of homework and I might drown
My schedule's so packed that I am bound to scream at ya
I'm so stressed
I need a rest
I need to be free of
The Oblivion
We be livin in
Livin Livin In hysteria
Our noses miss the roses on the sidewalk
Fillin the calendar down to the hour
And we never stop
Let's cut the haste no time to waste
And here's a thought
Let's take life slow
You'll never outgrow
Fun, so let go

Steeling the Show

Gamma Sigma Phi, Pi Theta Phi, Theta & friends performing for Sparrow's Promise

“God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen”

These are the days of steam and steel
And smoke that fills the sky
We work within this factory
From 9 am to 5
We file in each morning
And we make sure we’re on time
Oh we’re working in the assembly lines
9 to 5
Oh these are the days of our lives

“9 to 5”

Punch my card and our days just startin’
Man my dogs are already barkin it’s folks like y’all that help me to survive
Getting back to work, pick it up and keep on going
Keep this place afloat, with a rate that’s never slowing
Take another step, come on guys yeah we can do it
All we need is something that can push us through it

“I Want it All”

If only I could leave and pursue all my dreams
Well why can’t you?
I don’t know
Why can’t I?
You’re right!
What if we left this place together to achieve something big
We’re good at singing
And dancing!
I think we can go
And get our dreams!

We’ve got it, we want it, the audition
We’ve got it, we want it, the audition
We’ve got it, we want it, the audition
We’ve got it, we want it

It's a beautiful day, this just in — today's casting call for Broadway's new big hit 'The Golden Age'

The casting call
We’re going, you know that we’re going
And we’re gonna give it our all
We’ve got to try, hey let’s go
To audition for the show
Maybe this could be our chance to shine
The casting call


I run this show
And all your dreams
To make it here
First impress me
Broadway is mine
So get in line
In this industry
You gotta go through me
You say that you can dance now
You think that you can sing
But all I’m looking for
Is that star quality
But you’re all bad, you’re bad, you’re really really bad
Don’t be sad, or mad, that you’re really really bad
You have one chance, just dance, don’t tinkle in your pants
If you don’t hit it right you’ll lose the spotlight
Better put up a good fight (oh he’s bad)

“Don’t Stop the Music”

This is our chance, can leave the factory and never look on back
Might have a heart attack, yeah
We want to go all the way, can’t mess this up, or our dreams will just fade away
What if we lose it, guys can we do this
Keep on pushing through it
We don’t wanna, we don’t wanna lose this

“Gimme More”

This isn’t gonna cut it
You’ll have to do much better than that
You’re not what he’s wanting
If you want the role you’ll have to

Give us, give us (more)
Give us (more)
Give us, give us (more)
Give us (more)
Give us, give us (more)

“Gimme the Music”

Give us, give us (more), give us, give us, give us (more)
Imma sing, imma dance, I’m not gonna stop, imma sing, imma dance, I’m not gonna stop
Give us, give us (more), give us, give us, give us (more)
Imma sing, imma dance, I’m not gonna stop, imma sing, imma dance, I’m not gonna stop
Give us, give us (more), give us, give us, give us (more)
Imma sing, imma dance, I’m not gonna stop, imma sing, imma dance, I’m not gonna stop
Give us, give us (more), give us, give us, give us (more)
Imma sing, imma dance, I’m not gonna stop, imma sing, imma dance, I’m not gonna stop

“Man or Muppet”

This dream that we were dreaming
Is gone and I have no meaning
Do we go back, back to the factory?

With no more singing, no more dancing, no more acting
Our final chance, did we just blow it?
The fantasy is over, and I think that we all know it

“I will Survive”

Yes, we lost the part, but we can’t lose heart
This wont be the time where we all fall apart
We can make it back from this, and we won’t call it quits
We’re unified
And we will take it all in stride
Side by side, we will survive
We’ll hold our heads up high, cause they can’t take away our pride
Weren’t we the ones who finally broke the status quo
And we tried out
For a broadway show
And we’ll still sing, and have our dreams
We don't need a fancy stage, yeah we don’t need those fancy things
Can’t you see our name in lights
Oh it will be quite a sight
We still can thrive
We still can thrive, hey hey

“Any Way You Want It”

Look at em dance
Look at em sing
They’ve got everything
I was, so wrong
I want you in my show
What a sight, tonight
We’ll put your name in lights
The show is starting real soon
Go put on your costume
Broadway’s waiting for you
Go get ready backstage
Turning to a new page
We made it to broadway

“Born this Way”

Tonight Underdog Factory Workers star in the opening night of 'The Golden Age'

No more minimum wage, were performing today
We got the limelight baby we were born for the stage
We’ve got our star quality with all our comradery
To get us right here where we’ve always wanted to be
Oh yeah it’s opening night, we hear the people arrive
We’re so excited for the show to come alive
There’s so much you can achieve, don’t doubt yourself just believe
No need to back down, no cuz we can finally be free
No, there ain’t no time to waste, go out and make something great
Baby, dreams were meant to be chased
We’re more than what people say, we can shine in our own way
Because we know now that our dreams were meant to be chased
We’re more than what people say
We can shine in our own way
Because we know now that our dreams were meant to be chased
We’re more than what people say
We can shine in our own way
Because we know now that our dreams were meant to be chased

Living Color

Delta Gamma Rho, Omega Phi, Phi Kappa Delta & friends performing for Jacob's Place

“One Short Day”

Grand opening
Of the art museum
(Ladies and gentlemen, the day
you’ve been waiting for)
Grand opening
Of the art museum


Spoken: It’s an exciting day here in Williamsburg. The brand-new Living Art Museum is announcing a competition to celebrate its grand opening later today. The first person to find the golden paintbrush they've hidden gets exclusive early entrance to the museum. That’s right folks! If you find the paintbrush, you get the museum all to yourself!

“It's Gonna Be Me”

Gotta search high and low
Cause I really wanna go
Find the golden paintbrush and then
I’m the one who wins
This new museum seems so cool
A hidden jewel
Oh please
Please let it be me

“Light ‘em Up”

So hold it up up up,
Hold it up up up
Hold it up up up he’s the winner
Hold him up up up
Hold him up up up
Hold him up up up he’s the winner
Oh oh oh oh (go see the art art art)
Oh oh oh oh (the living art art art)
Oh oh oh

“Live in Living Color”

Live and living color
This is where art and life collide
Yes we’re live and living color
So come on, let me be your museum guide
We’re gonna tell you stories of art in living color
The museum’s yours tonight
We are live and living color
We’ll take you out of black and white

“Ice Ice Baby”

Alright stop, strike a pose and listen
Statues back with a brand new exhibit
Thinker, Michelangelo’s david
Statue of liberty, nothing more famous
Everytime we stop, yo, then you know
We’re the strongest part of this show
Copper and gold, bronze, iron, and marble
Take a step back, size us up and marvel

“Crazy in Love”

Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, oh, no no
Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, oh, no no
Yeah we’re looking rock solid right now
Statues here and feelin’ rock solid right now

“Material Girl”

Some art’s showy
Some art’s flashy
But that’s not who we are
We are upright, proper, regal
In life we went real far
Cause we are living inside the world of our frames
And nothing but our portrait/smile remains
And so we are leaving the world of our frames
So we make sure that you know our names

“A Little Party Never Killed Nobody”

Now it’s time for a party
Filled with color to the top
Warhol and comic book panels
Taught us all that we’ve got
A little color never killed nobody
So we’ll be vivid til we drop
A littel color never killed nobody
All that you need’s a little pop

“True Colors”

You with the big eyes
Now that you’ve seen our museum
It’s hard to return to
A world full of people
Who don’t know what you know
The art thats inside you
Can make you feel so small
But you’ve seen the true colors shining through
You can learn your true colors
And that’s why we chose to
Let people in so they can find
Their true colors
True colros inside you
Open your minds

“Come on, Eileen”

Come on my friends
Yeah, join me, (come on in)
This museum
It has everything
Pop art and statues
Portraits you can view
This museum
Come see what I mean

“Come Alive”

When you want to be taken away
To a world where there’s no need for grey
Come on in and let
your eyes be opened
When the color covers black and white
And the beauty overwhelms your sight
You’ve come in and let
your eyes be opened
If you feel you’re lost and in the dark
Just give in to that creative spark
Come on in and let
your eyes be opened
And you know an artist lies in you
So grab some paint and make it true
We want you to let
your eyes be opened
Come on in and let
your eyes be opened
Come on in

Blaze of Glory

TNT, Zeta Rho & friends performing for The American Red Cross

“Fire and Rain”

We start each morning getting up before dawn
We dedicate our lives to give aid to you
We fight fire and put out flames
We’ve seen clouds of smoke that you can not comprehend
When the siren wailes we lend our hands to a friend
But that’s just our job as firemen

“Manic Monday”

Time is up already, we’ve been training to be part of a team
We’re new recruits at the Fire Academy
This is our final exam day
Is it too late to run away (nooo)
Didn’t know there was an essay
We’re only one step away
Please let me pass I pray

“Glory Days”

Been fightin’ fires for about forty years
Now it’s up to you
Will you stay
No we’ve got to go
Gone today
time for you to run the show
Last payday
On our way

“The Climb”

I can almost reach it
But the ladder’s leanin’
I’ve got a pale complexion
my knees are shaking
So high… up in the sky
What’s in this tree that I spy
A feline

“Great Balls of Fire”

You firefighters get the right of way
Time for us to put you in your lane
Get over here
And help me, dear
Goodness gracious aren’t they retired?
We wanted help getting across the street
You came along and it's such a treat
You are so kind
And pretty fine
Firefighters we do admire

“I was Made for Lovin’ You”

Our first call we’re feeling shaky
It’s our chance to save the day
the fire sirens are blaring loudly
I can hear them calling me
Let’s fight

“We Didn’t Start the Fire”

We didn’t start a fire
It was a steamy shower
In the early hours
The alarm is a liar
the microwave stopped turning
While my popcorn’s burning

“Carry On”

These calls are just a waste of time
I’m feeling misused
Not what we had in mind
get up off the ground
turn that frown upside down
let’s move on
no matter the call
we’ll be there through it all
carry on
carry on carry on


Did you hear that sound, the alarm’s letting us know
it's gettin real this time! Hurry up we've got to go
With no delay
We’ll suit up and be on our way
put out the fire
Smokin’ smokin’
it’s in my lungs, feels like im choking
burnin’ burnin’
Get over here, make the hose start soakin’


chaos is all around, i feel my heart pound, don't know where time has gone
ashes are on the ground, buildings falling down and no one makes a sound
Put the hoses and the ladders up
It was down to the wire
everyone’s okay, the lives are saved
We extinguished the fire
you’re out of harm's way
we finally saved the day
We are firemen


It’s okay just take our hand
When something happens you didn't plan
We’ll be there to call upon
When your barbeque goes wrong
let us know, ring the bell
We’ll take the engine drivin’
we grab our jackets and our hats
and head to the crisis
the engines clean, our gear is prepped
the station floor has just been swept
we’ll turn on our flashing lights
and then you know that it’s time to fight
We bring that spark
And put it out til after dark
we are finally firemen
(On us you can depend)
Stop, drop and roll
We’ll slide down the station pole
We are finally firemen!

Time Traveler

ROME, Iota Chi, Shantih & friends performing for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

“You will be Found”

Have you ever felt like you just don’t belong?
As if someone else was singing, but you couldn’t sing along?
Do you ever wish that you could disappear?
Like you could sleep, not even be here.

“Sing, Sing, Sing”

We got big bands and swing dance and
“GI’s Joes in uniform”
We got dance floors and jazz chords
“And Benny G. on the Radio tonight”
And it’s yours and

Now let me tell you
It’s the 1940s

Come and join the party
Cuz it’s 1940 through ‘49
Singing and dancing all the time

It’s good as it’s gonna be
Life’s so good it could be a dream
It’s the perfect life so say good-bye
Leave all your worries and your stress behind

“In Da Mood”

I want you, here comes the baby baby boom, baby baby boomers, *hey* baby baby boom, baby baby boomers *hey hey*
We’re the boomers and we got the groove
We’re the boomers and we got no rules
We’re the boomers and we got some moves
We’re the boomers and we come from twos
We’re the boomers and we got good news
You gotta do some dancing to get in the mood

“When You Wish Upon a Star”

If this decade’s not your thing,
If you think it’s time to leave
Just sink right back into sleep
As dreamers do


Welcome hun’,
I’ll show you around
It’s the 60’s
Well come on, come on, now
This wonderful age that we call home (yeah it’s wonderful)
Hey baby (yeah it’s wonderful) that we call home
(yeah it’s wonderful) oh yeah, (yeah it’s wonderful)
Nineteen-hundred sixty-three
Just like you, we have a dream
Nineteen-hundred sixty-three
Let’s go, hug some trees!

“Hit the Road Jack”

Hit the floor, Jack- won’t cut you no slack
No more no more no more no more
Grab your girl, Jack- and don’t you lose track no more
What you say
Hit the floor, Jack- won’t cut you no slack
No more no more no more no more
Grab your girl, Jack- and don’t you

“Suspicious Minds”

It’s time to leave
I’m afraid it must be,
But with all my heart, I wish I could stay

Wish we’d go on forever,
Only you and I (just you and I)
But I’ve got to dream this dream
Until the End of Time

“Call Me”

Looking for a time and place
With everything you want,
If you think we’ve got it here
Then, let me tell you what,
We don’t plan to disappoint,
Come on down and book this joint,

80s! (80s) Get in line!
We’ve got the biggest hair and brightest smiles
80s! (80s) Rain or shine
Grab your walkmans, game boys, let’s have a time!

“Sweet Child of Mine”

Take a look at this interface,
It’ll take you away to some special place,
Your parents always do it wrong, it’s painful just to watch them try,

NOO, no, no
Now look, it's fried!
NO! No, no, no!
The computer died

“Living on a Prayer”

We think it’s time you hold on, to what you’ve got,
For once in your life, how ‘bout you take your shot?
Don’t even give it a second thought. Oh boy!
I like this a lot!

Woah, I do declare,
Woah, we’re finally there,
Lost in time, don’t even know where,
Woah, finally there!


The timeline is breaking
Now everything’s changing
The timeline is changing
Now everything’s breaking
Ay-aye-yah, little boy you’ve left your home
Now it’s time for you to go,
Don’t come back again no more!
Ay-aye-yah, look at everything you broke
Go ahead, get out the door,
Don’t come back again no more!

“You will be Found”

Even when your dreams come after you
When you wake up to what you always knew
You should never have a doubt
You belong now
So let the times keep rolling on
Cause this is now when you belong
If you only look around
You belong now!
You belong now!
You belong now!
I belong now

The Little Planet That Could

Chi Sigma Alpha, Regina, Sigma Phi Mu, Chi Omega Pi & friends performing for Special Olympics

“The Longest Time”

Oh, oh, oh
Far in Space and Time
Oh, oh, oh
Far in Space and Time
Since us humans looked into the night
We’ve been giving names to balls of light
But Scientists banned it
Now Pluto is not a planet
Let’s say farewell to planet number nine

“Mamma Mia”

I was cheated by NASA in two-thousand and six
What did little old me do to those scientists?
I don’t know how, astrophysicists
Call me dwarf now, like semantics makes them so wise
When they are nothing next to my size

Why does s/he get the brunt of ev’rything
Why not rename fatty planets with rings woah

Astronomia here we go again
Why Why? Kick me off the list, I
Wanna-be-a planet once again
Why Try? Though I preexist you
Reputation’s discarded
Status is disregarded
Bye bye! Why’d you have to let me go?

“Gimme, Gimme”

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme the title of planet
Won’t somebody help me find my own place
I wanna, wanna, wanna join you as a planet
Let me orbit with you off in outer space

“Party in the USA”

I hopped on a plane of existence
What's it been like a trillion years
Orbiting our favorite star
Make it work like it's our career
But I remember when we got here for the first time
We stood in order back in our lines
But then Saturn turns up to start us off And she puts her rings on
And she puts her rings on
And she puts her rings on
So we put our hands up
They're playing Our Song
The gravity melts away
Dancing like iron and Lead
Cuz that stuff makes Mars red
We put our hands up
They're playing our song
Gravity melts away
Yeah, it's a party in the Milky Way

“What is This Feeling”

Whats going on
They look really mad
Can’t we get over
This silly old fad
We see them turning
It’s so concerning
And they aren’t watching
That meteor launching
Into neptune’s bay
But plutos in the way
Little pluto shielding neptune
From a meteor
thats set to
Strike our friend
Neptune look out!

“All the Single Ladies”

We’re the meteors, we’re the meteors
We’re the meteors, we’re the meteors
We’re the meteors, we’re the meteors
You beter watchout!
Leavin the belt, and we’re gonna pelt
All these little planets from their place
Neptune’s got some problems
And we’re gonna solve ‘em
By moving her from her place

“Hit me with Your Best Shot”

We’re here to strike all these planets
Who take up too much space
Their position in this orbit is so mundane
Cmon now, lets light up right here
We’re gonna change up the whole atmosphere
Neptune better watch out
Saturn and Uranus watch your back too
These rocks are coming to your orbit
Get out of our way
Come on Neptune, come on
Does it seem fair
For pluto to be stuck way out there
Science failed, now you guys too
Come on everybody
Fix your attitude
We’re gonna shoot into your orbit
You won’t be able to ignore it
We’re a thousand pounds of iron
Coming your way

“I’m Still Standing”

Don’t y’know pluto saved me
From the flaming meteor
Looks like she has earned redemption
Proving wrong those scientists
Now we’re so happy
That we’re friends with #9
Grateful that she’s still willing to shield us
After all this time
Pluto saved me
Yeah, yeah, yeah


Pluto is it amazing Oh-oh
She really is amazing, oh-oh
She’s so worth celebrating, and now
We see her colors shining,
And now we'll see what happens now, what happens now
Pluto is fina’ly standing here, so loud and proud
Pluto, we’re so proud

S.O.S.! Save Our Shack!

Ju Go Ju, Ko Jo Kai, Sub-T 16, Titans & friends performing for Sunshine School

“Surf Crazy”

Bright lights
Benson stage
What a day
Spring sing full of harmonies
Time to say
Welcome to the shack
It all starts with
Good vibrations!

“Nicest Kids in Town”

Oh, every afternoon
We come through those doors
(Na, na, na , na, na, na, na-na-na-na)
You know we turn the jukebox
When the bikers are gone
(Na, na, na , na, na, na, na-na-na-na)
And then we twist and shout
To our favorite songs
Then we sit at the shack
Until the break of dawn
You better come on down
And meet the surfer kids in town

“Surfin’ USA”

You’d catch us surfin’ in Maui (surfin, surfin day and night)
Right on shore line (surfin, surfin day and night)
Beach boys and surfboards (surfin, surfin day and night)
A guaranteed good time (surfin, surfin day and and night)
All over the ocean (surfin, surfin day and night)
And we never get tired (surfin, surfin day and night)
We all love surfin’
Surfin’ night and day

“Jailhouse Rock”

the bikers are here to run the shack
Dressed in leather so you better stand back
The jukebox playing they began to swing
Watch the surfers as we say

“Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’”

You better run, run, run
Here we come
Revvin’ our bikes out under the sun
You’re cruisin for a bruisin’
Keeping it cool, smooth and steady
Slicked back hair, now you better get ready
You’re cruisin’
For a bruisin’
Tank of gas and an open road
Wind in our hair, we’re ready to go!
So start, start the music!
‘Cause we’re fast like a bullet
We go anywhere we want, anytime we want
Oh yeah, oh yeah!
We just ride, ride, ride all day
This is our beach and we are here to stay

“It’s On”

Let’s go we gotta settle who owns the shack
Grab your boards, we’re gonna take this outside
Buckle up, were gonna take you for a ride
Bring it Bring it Bring it Bring it Bring what you got
Come on, come on, come on, come on, biker or board
La-la-la-la-la, let me see how you vibe
It’s on, It’s on, It’s on
Get ready ready ready ready ready or not
‘cause we, ‘cause we, ‘cause when we want, we want it bad
get out, get out, get out, get out our way
It’s ours, It’s ours, It’s ours

“Takin’ Care of Business”

And if the wrecking ball’s on time
Walmart will be up in no time
And this place will look so pretty this way
If you don’t agree with us
Wait until the shack is gone
We love to work for Sam all day
Cause we’ll be tearin’ down the shack
In our way
Tearin’ down the shack
We don’t play
We’ll be tearin’ down the shack
Don’t you fight
Tearin’ down the shack
The shack is gonna die

“Piano Man”

Are you kidding me what has Walmart done
Trying to take down our shack
All the bikers sittin next to me
How will we fix this?

“We Built This City”

We built this beach
We built this beach on bikes and boards
Built this beach
We built this beach on bikes and boards

“Seize The Day”

Now is the time to save the shack
Now is the time to save the shack
Answer the call and don’t delay
Answer the call and don’t delay
Bikers and surfers
We stand united
Let us save the shack

“Please Mr. Postman”

Oh yes, wait a minute Mr. Walton
Wait, Mr. Walton
Please Mr. Walton look and see
Whoa, yeah
you don’t need walmart on the beach
Please, Please Mr. Walton
We've been here for a mighty long time
Whoa, yeah
Mr. Walton don’t make us say bye

"Good Vibrations"

I’m starting to think they're right here
(now you're feeling the good vibrations )
We can’t build walmart right there
(you know that you can’t take this )
These kids need a summer hangout
(ooh bop, bop, summer hangout )
This shack means a whole lot to them
(ooh bop, bop, please don’t take this)
How could we take this away
(so so many, good memories)
The shack is perfect right here
(the shack it’s, perfect right here)

"Best Summer Ever"

Sad to say our time’s come to an end
But we saved our shack and we’d do it all again
Bike or board, grab your gear
And meet you on this stage next year
This is the best shaaack ever
Wheels and waves, surf and shades
The best shack ever
Vibing every night and day
Hey girls and guys, recognize
It all adds up to feel like
The best shack ever, yeah
Best summer ever
So long!
Later, gator!
Hasta lasagna!
Hasta luego!
Aloha! Shalom! Au revoir! Ciao!
Best summer ever…

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