Ministers Retirement

Harding University Associates 403(b) Plan

TIAA-CREF has agreed to provide retirement planning services for qualified ministers and employees of churches of Christ who desire to be a part of this program through Harding University.  The purpose of the plan is to assist churches with providing the necessary tools to assist their ministers and employees in preparing for future retirement needs.  An eligible institution can adopt the Plan by submitting an Adoption Agreement to Harding University.  In the Adoption Agreement, an institution can choose one or both of the options for contributing to the Plan.

Institution Plan Contributions

For each Plan Year, the Institution will contribute for each eligible Participant an amount equal to the percentage of such Participant's Compensation designated by the Institution in the Adoption Agreement.  Institutions can contribute from 3% to 10% of the salaries of ministers, staff members and/or full-time missionaries toward  retirement, without contribution by the employee required.  Contributions can be made on a yearly, monthly, semi-monthly, or each payroll basis.

Employee Contributions through Elective Deferral 

An eligible Participant may elect to have his or her Compensation reduced for a specified pay period or periods by an amount not in excess of 100% of a Participant's Compensation. A Participant shall designate the amount and frequency of his or her Elective Deferrals.  Since the Elective Deferrals are made on a pre-tax basis, all contribution amounts will be subject to the limits established by the IRS.  Contributions involving elective deferrals should be made on a timely basis after each payroll in which an elective deferral was administered.



Plan Administration:

     Adoption Agreement pdf - form used by the Church to enroll into the plan

Contribution Remittance:

     Institution (Church) spreadsheet - this form is used for institution contribution only

     Elective Deferral spreadsheet - this form is used for employee elective deferral contributions only


     Plan Document pdf  

     Amendment #1 pdf  

     Amendment #2 pdf

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