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The purpose of the Center for Teaching and Learning is to provide both structure and resources to help Harding faculty develop professionally in pedagogical knowledge, skills and dispositions needed to be effective teachers. By providing venues for faculty to stay current in their disciplines while nurturing their own spirit of teaching, the Center for Teaching and Learning seeks to connect the heart of teaching our students with the opportunity to actively contribute to the intellectual rigor of the university as well as to the broader academic community. In keeping with Harding’s mission, the Center seeks to strengthen teaching that will “lead to an understanding and philosophy of life consistent with Christian ideals.”

Upcoming Events: Presentations and Workshops

Spring Events and Workshops

Monday Morning Mentor Watch Party: Passports and Popcorn. This is the restart of the Monday Morning Mentor series, and we are kicking it off with hot and cold drinks, fresh popcorn, and CTL passports. The MMM title is “What is the Best Teaching Advice I Ever Received?” January 27,  1:45-2:30. Watson Center in the Thornton building, 3rd floor.

Panel presentation on Creating and Assessing Creative projects in the classroom.  Sara Wilhoit, Terry Engel, and Laurie Walker. This panel, made up of three professors in different disciplines will discuss how to design creative assignments with assessment in mind. Many professors would like to offer assignments that bolster creativity in students, but they sometimes feel uncertain how to assess the projects. These professors will share their experiences and take questions about design and assessment.  Feb 12 @ noon in Heritage 209. Bring your lunch. Drinks and snacks provided. 

Research on Healthy Food Initiatives

Cody Sipe, Assoc Prof Physical Therapy, will give a presentation on research-based  healthy food initiatives.  When the accrediting body for PT said for the Harding PT school to add a nutrition class, Dr. Sipe researched the best information and became convinced of the benefits of his findings for his students and possibilities for the university at large. He is exploring possibilities for participants to see measurable improvements that could translate to benefits to faculty and staff.  Feb 25 @noon in the Liberty Room, Heritage, first floor. Drinks and snacks provided. 

"Citation Metrics: Measuring Scholarly Impact." 

Jean Waldrop, head librarian and John Boone, Health Science instructor and librarian, will give a presentation on Plum metrics and scholarly works.  One section will discuss the metrics such as PLUMX, Altmetrics, and explore what they are, what they mean, and how they can be used to measure the scholarly impact of an article.  The other part is about ScholarWorks, Harding's Institutional Repository; why faculty are encouraged to publish there; how to go about publishing their works, and the benefits of ScholarWorks.  PLUMX is used in ScholarWorks to measure scholarly impact.

This presentation will have a pizza and salad luncheon and will be in the library lab at noon. March 19. A Google form registration will be sent later.

CANCELLED :  “Creating Effective Writing Assignments for Student Learning and Success”Nathan Henton, Ph.D. Assistant Professor and Director of the Writing Center 

All disciplines need effective writers. Writing assignments in all classes offer students the chance to practice becoming writers in their fields while also affording some of the best opportunities for individual learning. But creating writing assignments that are effective in developing students as writers and encouraging disciplinary exploration takes more than just saying "Write me a paper on X", nor is it fair or reasonable to demand that students deliver on expectations that professors do not explain. This workshop will provide guidance on effective writing assignment construction drawn from current writing studies research and theory and assessment theory.  Key words: writing, writing for learning, writing for success, writing assessment, assignment construction.  April 2, 2:00 in the Watson Center, Thornton building. Drinks and snacks provided.

 Open to all: ACUE Pedagogy Workshop

The first ACUE cohort will be doing a day-long workshop April 23 (tentative) in which they will complete several lessons toward the ACUE course. However, the invitation is extended for anyone to attend and do the lessons that are all built around course design. These can be helpful for any professor, but if you just try it out and complete the lessons, you can join the next cohort and apply these lessons toward it, thus getting a good head start.  Tentative date: April 23. 6 hours. Time and place to be announced. Note that this workshop is after the awards dinner, but you can apply the points (30) toward the next year’s CTL points.





This website contains blogs, newsletters, and podcasts from educators in higher education who have innovative ideas for teaching. Recommended by Mike James.

International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. While ISSOTL requires membership for some of its resources, their journal is free and has many research-based ideas about the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Harding’s Brackett Library Libguide
The library has a libguide page with resources including journals and books to help teachers with questions about better teaching, mentoring, adjunct teaching, teaching in science classes, and many other general and specialty resources. The Chronicle of Higher Education and The Teaching Professor are both particularly helpful to get ideas for improving teaching.

The Watson Center
The Watson Center was formerly the ERC and is located on the third floor of the Thornton Building. It has an array of physical supplies for teachers, and its book resources are linked to the Brackett catalogue.

The United States Air Force
An excellent site that has many good resources including the following: Learning Theory, Learning Approaches, Curriculum Design, Teaching Methods and a collection of Resources for Teaching.

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