Department of Public Safety

Security Technology

The Security and Technology Center oversees all technology on campus being used for security purposes such as security cameras, alarms, digitally locked entryways, student ID management and more.

Hours of Operation + Location

Hours of Operation: ID cards are made 8AM-4PM, Monday through Friday

We are located in the Parking and Transportation House at 605 East Center. If you are having trouble finding us, stop by the Public Safety Office and they can point you in the right direction.

For questions or more info, contact Security Technology at, or call 501-279-5678.

About student ID cards

All students are required by the Student Handbook to carry a Harding Student ID card at all times. The ID card also serves many purposes on campus. It can be used:

  • As a library card (Brackett Library)
  • To take a test in the testing lab. The testing lab requires a student ID.
  • For package delivery at Campus Mail. They must scan your student ID to deliver you a package.
  • To gain admission to University athletic events.
  • To utilize the athletic facilities on campus.
  • To enter resident halls.
  • To enter certain academic buildings and laboratories across campus.
  • As a campus dining card.

To learn more about your ID card, see our Getting to Know Your ID Card guide.

ID Card FAQs

How much does a new ID card cost?

Replacement Card Fee: $10.00 (Cash or checks only). We cannot accept debit/credit or charge to student account.

I’m going to be a new student in the coming semester. When can I get my Student ID card?

We cannot issue the Student ID card until the beginning of your first semester as a student. We can take a photo for the ID card at any time before that as long as you have been accepted to Harding University and appear in the system. We will need to know your H# to assist in getting your photo tied to your ID card profile in the system.

I got my ID photo taken at Summer Stampede. Do I need to pick up my ID card or will it be mailed to me?

Your new ID card will be delivered to the dorm you are going to be living in at the start of the semester. They will not be mailed to you. If your dorm does not have you ID card when you check in, you’ll have to come to the Security Technology Center so we can attempt to locate your ID card.

Do I need to get a new ID card every year?

You will keep your same ID card as long as you are a student at Harding University. You will not be issued a new card at the start of every school year.

Can I punch a hole in my Student ID?

No. There are components inside the card that allows you access to several doors across campus, including the exterior entrances to the residence halls. If a hole is punch in the card, some of those components may break, causing the card to become disabled. You will have to purchase a replacement ID card for a $10.00 fee.

My ID has a crack in it and now it will not work on the doors but it still works for DCB and the cafeteria. Why is that?

There are components inside the card that allows you access to several doors across campus, including the exterior entrances to the residence halls. If the card cracks or breaks, some of those components may break, causing the card to become disabled. Aramark uses the magnetic strip on the back of the card for your meal plan and DCB. As long as the magnetic strip is not damage, it will still work for meals. However, it is recommended that a new ID be purchased.

I lost an ID card and got a replaced. Since then, I have lost the replacement but I found my old card. Do I need to purchase another one?

You do not. If you find an old card that has been deactivated after being replaced and it is not damaged; it can be reactivated in the card access system without costing you anything.

Can I put my ID card by my cell phone?

Yes. Cell phones should not affect the programming of the components of the ID card.

When they swipe my card in the cafeteria or for DCB, it shows an error saying the card is "expired." Do I need a new ID card?

You do not need a new ID card. This is an issue in the Aramark Dining Services system. There is nothing wrong with your ID card. You’ll need to visit the Campus Dining Office located in the Heritage Building near the cafeteria to have the issue resolved.

I’m a returning student and am living in a different dorm than I did last year. Do I need to bring my ID card to you so it can be programmed for my new dorm?

You do not. Our system communicates with the database used by Housing. Access to the dorm you live in is added to your card automatically at the beginning of each semester. You do not have to do anything.

Contact Us

Tip-line: 501-305-8237 or Online Form

Location: Kendall Hall

Area Numbers

Emergency: Dial 911

White County Medical Center: 501-268-6121

Searcy Police: 501-268-3531

White County Sheriff: 501-268-3543

Ark. State Police (Local): 501-279-6238