Test Anxiety

Do you enjoy taking tests? Many people do actually look forward to the challenge of test taking. These people like the thrill of the unknown and the excitement surrounding the fact that they will be tested. Many people do not like to take tests. Are you one of these? The thrill of the unknown and the expectation of performance can sometimes spiral into a fear that reduces a student’s capacity to produce. Test anxiety is a temporary condition relating to how a person responds to a testing situation. For some people this fear can result in physical symptoms. A person may experience increased heart rate, sweating palms, shortness of breath, or an ache in the stomach. A person may have trouble capturing known facts from their memory and an inability to organize thoughts. If you struggle with this type of response to tests, then there is hope and help for you.

Some Ideas to help Test Anxiety

  • Prepare thoroughly: the more prepared the less anxiety
  • Study with a partner or group: go into the test with a sense of community
  • Look at the test realistically: one test at a time. One test does not make or break the course.
  • Learn some relaxation techniques: deep breathing, positive visualization

The University Counseling Center can assist you with channeling your excitement into a positive direction. You don't need to fear tests any longer. If we can help, call us at 501-279-4347.

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