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Social Clubs have been a significant part of the Harding experience for decades, providing students with opportunities to enjoy a host of activities while fostering lifelong relationships and developing servant-leadership qualities. I encourage you to take a close look at all that Social Clubs have to offer you and explore how you can make a difference in the lives of others by being a part of a Social Club.

— Zachary Neal, Assistant Vice President Student Life/Dean of Students

Spring 2022 Social Club Calendar

Important Dates


Jan. 10Women's Social Club Meetings
Jan. 24Men's Social Club Meetings
Jan. 31Women's Social Club Meetings
Feb. 7Men's Social Club Meetings
Feb. 14Women's Social Club Meetings
Feb. 21Men's Social Club Meetings
Feb. 28Men's and Women's Social Club Meetings
March 14Women's Social Club Meetings
March 21Men's Social Club Meetings
March 28Women's Social Club Meetings
April 4Men's and Women's Social Club Meetings
April 18Men's and Women's Social Club Meetings

Women's Social Clubs

Chi Omega Pi

Hannah West - Box 11330 -

Delta Gamma Rho

Laura Grace Ashburn - Box 11648 -

Delta Nu

Bonnie Ritchie - Box 15135 -


Annika Asplund - Box 11242 -

Iota Chi

Emily Burdette - Box 13534 -

Ju Go Ju

Anna Johnston - Box 10917 -

Ko Jo Kai

Madison Dean - Box 14493 -

Phi Kappa Delta

MaryKyle Bartlett - Box 13654 -

Pi Theta Phi

Mallory Prior - Box 10134 -


Jessica Crawford - Box 10616 -


Allison Babitzke - Box 12344 -

Sigma Phi Mu

Avery Barnett - Box 13257 -

Zeta Pi Zeta

Lauren Masteller - Box 10937 -

Zeta Rho

Grace Long - Box 13484 -

Men's Social Clubs

Alpha Tau Epsilon

Blaine Thomas -


Beta Omega Chi

Spencer Strasser -


Chi Sigma Alpha

Noah Jordan - Box 10461 -


Delta Chi Delta

Campbell Walters - Box 10521 -


Wyatt Vanlandingham - Box 10586 -
(photo coming soon)

Gamma Sigma Phi

Cabot Boyd -

King's Men

Hagan Wilson - Box 10909 -


Sam Chester - Box 11167 -

Lambda Chi Theta

Silas Styles - Box 11541 -

Omega Phi

Jackson Gilreath - Box 10554 -


Daniel Pipkin -
(photo coming soon)

Sub T-16

Rhett Roach -


Charlie Parsons - Box 11626 -
(photo coming soon)


Grant Wade -


Bennett Holloway - Box 12654 -

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