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Harding is an international university with many campuses but one home.

Main Campus

Harding's home community, Searcy, Ark., a city of 20,000 people, is the seat of White County. Located in east central Arkansas, Searcy is about 50 miles northeast of Little Rock and 105 miles west of Memphis, Tenn. The nearness of Little Rock and Memphis gives Searcy residents access to cultural and entertainment opportunities of metropolitan areas without sacrificing the special charms of small-town living.
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Remote Campuses

Harding University
in Rogers, Ark.

A campus in northwest Arkansas serving students in various Graduate and Undergraduate programs.
Harding School of Theology
in Memphis, Tenn.
A Graduate campus focused on developing Biblical knowledge and leadership.
Harding Academy
in Searcy, Ark.
A K-12 school located on the main Harding campus.


International Campuses

At Harding University, we believe in the importance of a global education. We offer no less. That's why 48% of the 2010 graduating class have participated in a study-abroad experience at one of our international campuses.


This program spends significant time in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Hong Kong. The cultures and people of each land and many of their respective tribes are studied and contrasted. Elements of communication, sociology, religion, food, political systems and colonization are all studied. There are significant travel experiences and associations with churches in the different cultures.

London, England

Living in flats in central London, students experience one of the world’s largest and most cosmopolitan cities. London’s jewels include Hyde Park, the National Gallery, the Theater District and the acclaimed British Museum. Periodic field trips outside of London allow students to visit other important historical and literary sites, such as Bath, Cambridge, Dublin, Edinburgh, the Lake District, Paris, Stratford-on-the-Avon and Stonehenge. An extended trip to Iceland is included and the geology of the country is a focal point in addition to the Norse roots of literature, history and folklore that are found there. These Norse roots form a significant backdrop for the student’s study in the U.K.

Florence, Italy

Florence, as much a city of artisans today as during the Renaissance, exposes students to some of the world’s most impressive art and architecture. Students live in an authentic 16th-century villa and eat Tuscan meals prepared by Italian cooks. They bargain in outdoor markets, learn to speak Italian, and travel to Cinque Terre, Rome, Sicily and Southern Italy on program field trips. An included two-month Eurail pass provides students extensive travel opportunities throughout Europe.

Paris, France

This France program centers in the Paris, La Ville-Lumiere (the city of lights). They also have a significant visit to the historic city of Reims, home to one of the most exquisite gothic cathedrals in the world. Students live in apartments, experience the day-to-day life of the French people, and are offered ample opportunity to practice their language skills. The students and faculty engage in intensive classes before commencing a free-travel period (a Eurail pass is provided for this experience). Classes are focused at the epicenter of French culture. During the semester, students enjoy sponsored field trips including one that takes them outside the borders of France.

Athens, Greece

Greece is a rare dichotomy of ancient and modern. While living in the cradle of democracy, students encounter important archaeological sites and experience the open-air "museum" of Athens. Greece offers the grand architecture of the Parthenon on the Acropolis and the alluring beauty of its many islands. Tours to Corinth, Delphi, Sounion, Olympus, Turkey, Israel and Egypt (provided it is safe to travel there) are included in the program, as well as a Mediterranean cruise. Emphasis is given to sites of biblical interest.

Vina del Mar, Chile

Geographically, Chile is stunning. With the exception of tropical rain forests, it contains every eco-climate known on earth - from the dry Atacama Desert to the formidable glacial peaks of the Andes. The program includes study of the Spanish language and culture, Latin American history, and several extensive field trips to Santiago, the Lake District of Chile, Torres del Paine, the Atacama Desert region, the Amazon Rain forest and the ancient Inca civilization of Machu Picchu, Peru.

Kalomo, Zambia

A life-changing experience awaits those who are selected to study and live at the Namwianga Mission in Zambia, which includes a grade school and secondary school, college, medical clinic, and an active congregation of the church. Students may customize their studies by assisting in clinical work or teaching in schools on the campus. All students study the local Tonga language, spend time in the homes of Zambian families, assist with developmental agricultural activities, and participate in a survey trip of other mission works within Africa. The primary emphases of this program are nursing and missions but students with any major may participate. A more rigorous screening process applies to participants in this program.