Medical Humanities

About the program

Medical Humanities is a growing interdisciplinary field that brings the perspectives of the humanities, arts and social sciences to the study and practice of health care.

The College of Arts & Sciences offers a major and minor in Medical Humanities providing students opportunities to pursue diverse paths in both the humanities and sciences in careers such as medicine, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and other health care fields, as well as careers in health care policy, law, public health, management, patient advocacy, health journalism, bioethics, and health care consulting.

Academic careers in teaching, writing and researching in universities in narrative medicine, literature and health, or history and medicine can also be pursued through this major.

The 33-hour major allows students to include a second major or minor in their particular area of interest. The 18-hour minor can be combined with various majors to meet the needs of the individual student.

Academic programs

Both a major (B.A. or B.S. degree) and minor in Medical Humanities are offered by the College of Arts & Sciences. The requirements for each of these degrees can be found below.

Major in Medical Humanities


Minor in Medical Humanities