Costs & Financial Aid

We understand the financial sacrifices and commitment you and your family make when you decide to attend college. Thus we make every effort to keep the Harding experience affordable for everyone.

Each year, the University awards more than $22 million in institutional scholarships and grants and nearly $9 million in federal and state scholarships and grants. We offer several forms of assistance, including grants, loans, scholarships and campus employment — depending on your individual financial need. With your personal initiative and the assistance of our knowledgeable financial aid staff, you can finance and achieve your educational goals at Harding.

Our financial aid website provides valuable resources, including a list of scholarships and grants, links to federal loan programs, and information and qualifications for federal work-study and University work programs.

Financial Aid Services

Net Price Calculator

University Scholarships


Undergraduate Tuition$700 per Hour
Graduate TuitionVaries by program
Technology Fee$270 for 10 hours or More**
Housing: Residential Dorm$1944
Housing: Apartment DormsRange from $2214 to $2475
Meal PlansRange from $661 to $2109
Post Office Rental$30 per Term included in Dorm price
Car Registration$32 per Year
Class FeesVaries***

** For students enrolled in 10 hours or less, the Technology Fee is calculated based upon the number of hours enrolled. The calculation uses $26 per credit hour.

*** Refer to the University Catalog for a list of all class fees.

Undergraduate Cost

Estimated upon enrollment in 15 credit hours.

Tuition 15 Hrs ($700 per hour)$10,500$21,000
Technology Fee$270$540
Standard Dorm Room$1,944$3,888
Standard Meal Plan (15 swipes per week + $250 DCB)$1,775$3,550
Direct Harding University Costs$14,489$28,978

Graduate Cost