• The Harding App

    HardingU launched to the campus community in 2017.

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  • The Harding App

    HardingU is the official mobile app of Harding University.

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If you have an Apple device, download the app from the iTunes store.

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To get up-to-date information about events and campus happenings, make sure your location services and push notifications are turned on!

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HardingU: The Harding App

Welcome to HardingU, the University's official mobile app. We first began working toward creating a mobile app in summer 2016. The app features content that can be seen on both harding.edu and Pipeline, the University's student portal. It was created to be both informational and functional and host all of the important items essential to life on campus all in one location.

The app was designed to be used by different groups. When a user first opens the app, a prompt appears asking for the user to select a persona of student, faculty/staff, etc. The features of each persona vary depending on a user's role at Harding.

Download the app above, and explore what Harding has to offer.

Student features

We launched a mobile app for the Harding community November 2017. We hope to provide our community with the most up-to-date University information and resources to help navigate day-to-day life as a student. From campus dining options to class schedules and campus events, this app is the central location for all things Harding.

Here’s an overview on the app’s top student features.

- View your personalized class schedule and email your professors right in the app.
- Access important dates like semester exam schedules, class drop dates and tuition refund.
- Reach out to academic resources like tutoring, departmental computer labs and the testing lab.

Student Life
- For an overview of the multitudes of ways to be involved on campus, check out a full list of campus organizations.
- Your dorm sign-out is integrated directly into the app and automatically fills information like name, dorm and room number.
- Explore recreation opportunities on campus, including intramural sports and activities in the GAC. View hours for facilities, and stay up to date with intramural events with a link to IMLeagues.

- View campus, academic and athletic events, and bookmark your favorite events to subscribe to what is most important to you.

- Resolve account holds, access account balances and view your campus box information.
- View your chapel excuses, access Pipeline’s people search, and contact DormNet for technical support.

Faculty/Staff features

We hope this app can be a resource for you as you navigate life on campus as a faculty or staff member. Each page on this screen points to a number of functions and sections of information that can be helpful to you in your everyday work life.

Here is a brief glance at the app:

Need a reminder on which University restaurants are open during dinner hours? Tap on the dining block for a list of locations and hours.

Find direct links to announcements, schedule and live stream.

Search for students and coworkers through Pipeline’s people search function, and find the information for the area of campus you need to contact.

- Browse through the library’s many resources, including the complete catalog and scholar works collections, and access your own library account.
- Need information for a specific course or degree path? Find a direct link to the Harding course catalog.
- The Canvas app is just one click away on the academics page.
- Important academic dates are always close by.

Life on Campus
- Explore recreation opportunities on campus, including intramural sports and activities in the Ganus Activities Complex.
- Find service, church and mission opportunities.
- See a full list of student organizations and social clubs.
- Browse through content on hardingsports.com.

Make sure you don’t miss a single University event with our event module. You can see upcoming events, view the entire week, select specific calendars, and even search for events by category.

- Register for a parking pass for a new school year.
- View your latest pay stub and salary details.
- Find direct access to time sheets.
- Keep track of your vacation hours.